Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dot Point Thoughts....

* I love my husband!!! :D

* My parents arrive home from overseas tomorrow morning. I've missed them and can't wait to talk to my Mum.

* The children had their first dance rehearsal on the big theatre stage this afternoon. I wasn't there (dropped them off and went grocery shopping), but I've been told Elijah kind-of stole the show. :P I'm thinking he's his father's son......

* The sunset was absolutely glorious tonight.

* Stu and I took the children to a touring science exhibition at the showgrounds after tea tonight - very exciting stuff!! Just hope they're not tired and cranky tomorrow.

* William's doing great post-weaning...... is asking less and less about the bottles, and basically just drinking water now. He's going to start thinning down fast!

* Saraya has been doing some pretty awesome things in her schooling, can't wait to share more.

* Elijah actually begged me to give him a phonics lesson this morning, even though I hadn't planned to (we only do it once or twice a week). He learnt about the letter H.

* My sweet friend Kate came over last night; we watched the movie The Village (a bit scary!) and she stayed overnight. The best bit was having her here this morning, all morning until lunch time. I realised how much I miss adult company during the day! :( Loved loved loved sitting in the sun and drinking tea and chatting half the morning away. The children love sitting by her and listening, drawing her pictures, reading her stories, showing her their treasures, etc. etc. Then eventually they wander off and play, and we have some true grown-up time!

* We celebrated the first day of winter today. Kate joined us in a half-day of staying in our pj's, doing relaxing things. The children did some winter craft, and we read in the sun LOTS, and they played outside in their pj's and gumboots. :D Happy winter fellow Aussies!

* I am going to go to bed before 10pm tonight. Unheard of but necessary. Our rooster has started crowing PRE-dawn..... and then of course there's William. :) I need sleep!

* Tomorrow morning I am hosting the second homeschool family morning tea here for our region. I'm not sure how many people are coming, but I'm thinking it will be at least 10 families. I'm a bit daunted, but looking forward to the fellowship!

* I need to organise our Eisteddfod entry forms for this year. Saraya is keen to enter too, which gets me excited as I too was 7 when I did my first Eisteddfod.

* And last one......... I will be starting to teach piano lessons for children again, this month! This is something I haven't done since Saraya was tiny. I will have 4 students on a Saturday morning, so it won't effect our weekdays. Hopefully it will become a special time for Stu to spend with our kids, and I know the extra income is going to be very very helpful!


Vic said...

wow, so much info in a short space! Love it! Good on Will with his bottles, and Elijah with his enthusiasm for life, and Saraya for her courage!
See you this morning! Vic xx

AmFriend said...

Some fun dot thoughts. Sounds like you had an invigorating day. Enjoy your home school tea.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

It has been a long time since I hosted a homeschool event! It can be daunting but it is good to inspire others and I know you will enthuse others Saminda. You will be used by God to bless others!


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