Friday, June 11, 2010

A Green Day

I call it green, because it wasn't quite blue. It was partly blue and partly yellow. So, a green day.

The yellow bits were sunshine. Reading lots of books to the children. Having an enthusiastic daughter learning about abbreviations this morning. A content couple of kids playing a big game for literally hours this afternoon. A watered garden. family visiting. :)

But there were blue bits too. William is teething and tired and cranky. And I am sleep deprived, tired.... and a bit cranky.

Mum went home this afternoon. My stepDad Ray came to get her, and stayed for a few hours too which was lovely for the children. They love spending time with their Grandpa. Nice leisurely coffee on the verandah and a good long walk around the property, showing Grandpa everything - cubby houses, the dam, the orchard, etc. But now of course my family is gone and my time with Mum is over, for now. I miss her so much already.

I know I have mentioned my friend Kate several times over the last few months. I am feeling a deep sadness as she will be leaving sometime next month, to work elsewhere for an unknown period of time. She has a beautiful home up here, and will certainly return at some stage.... but that may be 6 months or a year away, or longer. We have become very close and I am having trouble imagining life without her. :(

And I am having difficulty (once again, this is a recurring difficulty for me!) getting my head around the enormity of Stuart's job. He loves his job, and works very hard to be the best teacher he can be. And he is a great teacher. But. His job takes him away from us 5 days a week, 7:30-5:30 most days. And he spends countless hours working at home. Or hours back at work in the evening or on weekends. I am doing this whole house and child-rearing thing almost totally alone. And when he's not at work, he's thinking about work. Will I ever get used to this?

So there you have it. Sunshiny bits and blue bits.

A green day.


Christy said...

Oh Saminda! Wish i was there to give you a hug on your green day....I know how hard it feels to have your family go back home.
And I feel for you with Stu's work. My husband works interstate 1-3 days per week and i really struggle cos, apart from doing it alone those days, he really enjoys his work - even the travel. And i find that really difficult to comprehend - that he can enjoy being away from us... Praying God's peace and grace as you work through this one....
C xo

Vic said...

Oh Saminda, I understand so much of this post! Dad is arriving today, and then they're both staying for the weekend but these next few days are going to go so quickly! I completely understand about Stu's work too. Teaching is such a big job, so much more than 9-3, Monday to Friday! There is no way I could do it now we've got kids. I'm sorry you'll be missing your lovely friend. I miss a certain circle of Brissie friends immensely. You know, the people that just 'get' you? Maybe you'll make a new friend that you click with and have heaps in common with too! ;) Not to fill the space, but just to be there.
Vic xx

Smilie girl said...

Love and hugs to you. Hope the yellow out weighs the blue this weekend.

AmFriend said...

Ah I so get green days. I struggle with them more than I let people know. Wishing I too could share a hug with you and brighten your day with yellow.

Renata said...

It sure is tough when friends leave - our pastor & his family have just left & I was good friends with his wife (as were the kids with their kids etc) - we sure do miss them & it's so sad to see their old house sitting empty (it's right next to the church).
I understand your frustration with Stu's work - Dave is always busy doing things & this weekend even though it wasn't his paid work, he was out on the tractor & then fixing his ute in all the spare moments he got.
Glad you had a nice weekend after your green day


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