Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Morning and Our Afternoon

Our Morning

The morning tea went well!! I had 23 children and 10 adults here - quite a crowd! But the children were all busy, there was great conversation and lots and lots of food so I think it was a success. :)

Our Afternoon

Saraya has been hassling me to teach her to sew all week. This afternoon after lunch and rests I opened my old sewing basket and pulled out some half-finished projects from about 6 years ago....

These were Christmas decorations, needing to be sewn together and stuffed with wool.

She got into it. A few lessons in how to thread the needle, make the stitches, and I was able to walk away and do a few things I needed to get done.

She made 3 of these, and was pretty chuffed about it!

It's been a good day. So nice to connect with friends, and teach my sweet girl a new skill too.

Tomorrow we're off to the markets and the book library and to visit our friends' new baby goats!! Life's sure never dull. :)


sarah in the woods said...

What a perfect sewing project! Good job, Saraya.

AmFriend said...

YAY you!! I knew you would pull off the tea with flying colors.

Love the look of pure delight on Saraya's face with her completed heart.

Vic said...

It was a wonderful morning! A great new skill for Saraya too, and only 6 months until she can hang them on the tree! ;) Vic xx


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