Thursday, June 10, 2010

How He's Blessing Me.....

.......... this week. :)

* My Mum is here! She couldn't make it up for Elijah's party, but arrived Monday afternoon and has been with me all week. It's been so so so wonderful. We've just been doing all our usual things, and having Mum come along with us has been great!! The children have been enjoying having lots of time with Nanna. :)

* I have been cooked dinner the last two nights. This is unheard of, as Stuart simply does not cook. He gets home too late... and we've just gotten into the habit over the years that I do the cooking. Last night my dear friend Kate came with a grocery bag of ingredients and cooked us all a delicious spinach and feta baked risotto. She even brought dessert. And wine!!! What a treat for me, sitting there with my feet up having dinner cooked for me. And tonight, as I type, Mum is beginning dinner preparations. She's making a yummy mexican dish, and once again I'm sitting down smelling it cooking. I can't tell you what a blessing this is for me! Just feeling loved and taken care of is filling me up with joy.

* The children have had a settled week. We've been doing the basics with schooling, and keeping busy doing lots of things on the side.

* William has slept well the last 2 nights and hasn't been waking up at 4am like he had been for days beforehand. Yay!

* We have a long weekend coming up. Even though Stuart will be busy with report cards, I'm going to try to fit in some nice times with the children. And then we have gala concert rehearsals all day Monday. :)

* I have my first 2 piano students on Saturday morning. I love that He is stretching me to do this. After 8 years of "just" being a Mama, I have feelings like maybe I can't do this..... but I know with His help all things are possible!

Hope everyone's having a great week and that you can see God's provision in little ways all around you. :)


Vic said...

What a wonderful week! I'm sure you'll be a fab piano teacher! If only El were a bit older you could be his teacher and mine too ;). Got to get my piano from Mum and Dad's first! Guess what? Matt is cooking us dinner too! He never does that! Must be a treat for me for dealing with a wilful three year old all day! Talk soon, Vic xx

Saminda said...

That's great Vic!!! Savour the moment and enjoy some quiet grown up time. :)

Kay said...

any chance of the spinach and feta baked risotto recipe? :-)

Mummy McTavish said...

Praising God for the blessings! You're going to be a great piano teacher, I just hope you don't get any students like I was.

Saminda said...

I'm sure that's possible Kay, will get onto it! ;)

Smilie girl said...

Heaps of wonderful blessings there! Enjoy them and all the good things in store for you.

Kimmie said...

Yeah for dinners, yeah for such nice friends, yeah for putting your feet up, yeah for piano students-God certainly is good.

Hope you enjoy your visit with your mum!!!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted


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