Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Can't Keep Up!

It's true. Her appetite is practically insatiable.

3 weeks ago, she picked up her first chapter book. And her independently-read list now consists of:

The Boxcar Children #1

The Boxcar Children #2

The Little Missionaries

The Wishing Chair

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie


Christie's Old Organ

All these books have been fairly lengthy, at least 150 pages each. And some of them she's read in 24 hours. She reads in the bedroom. She reads in the loungeroom. She reads in the trees. She reads in the bathroom. She literally keeps reading while she takes out the rubbish, book in one hand, rubbish bag in the other. She reads while you brush her teeth!!

Am I complaining? No! This girl is a busy little girl. Always playing, always moving, always creating, pulling out craft stuff, wanting to cook, wanting to make, etc. etc. etc. Reading is something she can do all by herself, and she's sitting still, and doesn't need help, and it doesn't make a mess. Ahhhh. :) Bliss.

Only thing is, she's wanting to read the third book in the Boxcar Children series - and I need to either find it in the library or purchase it from the Book Depository for $5.04 - in either case, she'll need to wait a few days. So instead today (after whinging that she didn't have a new book to read) she's pulled out The Rainy Day Book (things to do when there's nothing to do type book) and is now constructing a giant cubby on the verandah. With sheets, pegs, indoor chairs, outdoor chairs... and Stu's help because it simply wasn't working!!!!! Yep, that's what happens when I can't keep up. :) Not that I'm really complaining. She's a great kid. She's just so so so busy.

Just wanted to mention we had a lovely day yesterday. Definitely a golden day!!!
I taught my first two piano students in the morning, and both were successful. Enthusiastic boys who actually learnt far more than I anticipated in a half hour lesson. I'm really excited about this. Something I am doing outside of mothering / homemaking, and even earning us some money too. I'm hoping to end up with 4 or 5 students, just keeping it to Saturday mornings.

Stuart worked on report cards at work for the entire afternoon/evening. And the children and I shared that time with Kate, at her place. A win-win-win situation! We picnicked and talked and played and the children climbed the same giant climbing tree that she climbed when she was a little girl. :) Another friend arrived with her 3 children, and we had a regular playgroup! So nice to sit in the sun and just hang out together. Later I bathed the children in Kate's lovely claw-foot bath (they were stoked!!!) and we all ate dinner before we left to pick Stu up just after 8pm. Poor man. Fancy spending 8 hours on a Saturday, working on report cards. I just feel blessed to have a friend to share all that alone-mothering time with. We all had a great day.

And today, Sunday. Pyjamas and dressing gowns and slippers. Worship music playing. Pancakes. The paper open on the table. Coffee about to be brewed. :) And kids constructing cubbies.

And tomorrow's a public holiday!

Things are looking up. :) Happy weekend everyone.


Juliana E. said...

Yeah for independent reading! Isn't it exciting when they can fall into a good book? Congrats on the successful piano lessons - lucky children who have you for a teacher!

Smilie girl said...

That does sound like a good day!
It's wonderful to find a child with a nose in a book. Having no new book is a good excuse to re-read one of the other books.
I'm glad Stu's day was productive. I bet he's looking forward to holidays.
Hope you have a wonderful relaxing Sunday together.

Heather said...

Bee and Saraya share a love of reading. Bee reads on the way home from the bus stop, in the bathroom, everywhere!

I frequently see entire box sets of the Boxcar Children books at garage sales (just saw one today!) If Saraya is interested in owning them all, I'd be happy to buy a set and ship it to her.

AmFriend said...

An insatiable appetite for reading is always a good thing. Sounds like you are having (had) a great weekend.

Karen said...

Saraya sounds just like me! And book #3 of the Boxcar Children is my absolute favorite...I hope she enjoys it!

Renata said...

Oh I hope you are enjoying your public holiday today! Sounds like a lovely weekend you've had. Zai is the same with books - although lately he's branched out of the chapter books & into comics!
Glad the piano teaching went well - something I have never been brave enough to do!
Hope you have a lovely week


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