Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Sewing, Markets, and Baby Goats!!!!

She started early this morning.

"Mama, pleeeease can I do some more sewing? I don't need any help. I just need you to thread the needle for me." She was still in her pj's, I was trying to clean up the kitchen and help Elijah with something and wrangle William, etc, etc, so I suggested this afternoon during our quiet time might be a better time to sew. "But I want to do it now!!! I don't need help Mama, please? I'll just sit quietly at the table here. It's all I want to do, I just can't think about anything else!!"

It was only 7:30am, but....... I relented.

She was soon at it, measuring and drawing and pinning and cutting and making tiny stitches.

And she made a cat. :D And aside from a couple of little knots she needed tied or untangled, it was all independent. This girl is on fire for craft!!

After morning chores and free time we went to the markets and spent time on the town green with quite a few friends. Cups of coffee all round, playtime for the kids, and lots of baby cuddles for Saraya (she is quickly becoming the adopted big sister of every baby/toddler we know! I'm sure part-time babysitting is on the agenda once she is older...). We stocked up on fresh fruit and visited the library too. We all love Market Day!

Home for unpacking and lunch and rests and washing and reading and school work.

Then mid-afternoon, more fun. We visited some beautiful friends of ours whose goat had 2 little kids on Tuesday!
Saraya the farmer girl was in her element. She even wore the "farm apron" she made, just for the occasion. :P

SO cute!!!!

Will enjoyed the babies. Elijah was off playing with the boys.

And Will's greatest treat.....

A ride on this fantastic little tractor!!!!! Ben obliged him with a push....

...... as did Saraya.

These friends live in the bush, and are currently building their own home out there. Amazing stuff. With all the machinery and bits and pieces on their property, William was just about in heaven. :) That boy is destined to be a farmer or a mechanic, or both!

So grateful tonight for friends to share life with. There is so much beauty in the world, so much love and so many blessings. Hope everyone has had a happy Thursday!

I am all too aware that I am meant to be cutting back with blogging, and haven't really been doing that too well. It just seems that several times a week there are things I really want to share!! Amanda has asked for a recommended reading list for 6 year olds........ so that will be my next post. And with Elijah's birthday coming up in a few days, there is bound to be a few about that. Maybe after that I can have a little break? Or maybe not? Life is just so exciting and I love to share / record the little things that are going on in our corner of the world. :)


Karen said...

I so enjoy reading your post. My daughter (age 8) would love if I would show her how to sew like Saraya. And I just adore that picture of her with the goat.

Juliana E. said...

Thanks for sharing! I love reading about your life.

Heather said...

Darling pictures :) And I'm glad you're blogging! I look forward to your posts so much.

Kimmie said...

What a darling cat and apron Saraya made! Good job.

Oh, I love baby goats! Too sweet.

Missing friends, over the past few weeks I have been so focused on Simenesh, that I haven't had any time to talk or visit with friends...hoping soon.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Renata said...

Well done to Saraya on that cat - she's done a great job! Ellie was asking to sew the other day & I put her off - maybe I should let her more often...
Those goats are just the sweetest...


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