Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An emergency that made me smile :)

Well, it's been a quiet rainy week thus far. We've done very little out and about as it's just too cold!! William really dislikes being in the wind...... he gasps and struggles and I just have to go back indoors with him. I feel a bit housebound and yesterday we tried to have an afternoon walk which lasted about 4 minutes! It's been a cold winter so far. The fireplace is getting a good workout and I'm so thankful for it!

This morning after returning home from the school drive, Elijah exclaimed that he needed the toilet. I sent him in, lay William on the rug in the living room to and went to add another log to the fire. Next thing Elijah shrieked out from the toilet, "MAMMA!! There is a wee emergency in here! It's flooding the whole floor!!" Needless to say I ran in to find a huge puddle on the floor but couldn't help laughing in response to Elijah's funny way of calling me in! He is such a character sometimes. Well, the clean-up from that little incident took awhile and by the time I returned to William he had filled his nappy and clothes (3 layers worth) with that nice yellow baby poo. So he was next to be stripped off and changed. While he had his nappy off he decided to do a big fountain wee in the air. What is it with boys? Grr.......
The rug was next to be cleaned up. :(

In the middle of typing this I just had to go help Elijah on the toilet again (no accident this time thankfully). I feel like all I've done so far this morning is to help my two boys with toileting....! Looking forward to getting on with some other things soon. Even if they are housework and washing etc. I am looking forward to the cooking I need to do today. And I'm thankful to have found the 10 minutes or so to write this! I am constantly writing posts in my head that I never get time to actually blog. :) Anyone else do this?

Oh, just wanted to say too how excited I am that my Mum and Ray are coming THIS weekend! They have been overseas for 6 weeks so we haven't seen them for ages. Mum is going to be staying on next week for a few days which I always look forward to. I love having her company during the weekdays!

Here's my beautiful Mum a couple of years ago with my bubby Elijah.
I'm so glad she's coming. I've been a bit down this week with the financial stress of needing to sell the house next door in the next few months, and it's nice to have something happy to look forward to.
Have a great day everyone.


Tamra said...

I know the feeling of doing nothing but toileting =) It has been chilly hasn't it? Nice that you get to see your mum next week too. Aren't mums the best?? =)

Renata said...

Have a lovely time with your mum! & yes, I do make up blogs in my head as well.

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min - yes I think of lots of things to write - which never eventuate! My goodness boys are such a hassle ;-) (and they are never toilet trained either :-P )


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