Saturday, July 12, 2008

A movie night

Saturday was one of THOSE days.

Sad really, because it was the last weekend of the holidays and I wanted it to be a happy one. Everyone seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, my mouth was aching from the extraction, and the children were really squabbly. We seemed to spend most of the day disciplining the children and trying to achieve a few bits and pieces along the way.

More than once, I was thinking to myself "Where have Stu and I gone?" You know that feeling, where it seems everything is about the children and there's no time left for just you two? Or even -just me?

I wanted to be here again..........................

(in Oklahoma last March- with a pregnant tummy- second left)

And Stuart here................................

Stuart used to do sword-sparring, and misses the performance and physical nature of that too.

And I LOVE musical theatre; performing is one of my favourite things to do.

I know it's important to maintain our own interests......... but that has do be within reason too. And right now, with Will still a newborn, just about all our focus and time is on family and home and school and Stuart's work. And most days, that's okay. Because I know this is a season. And the occasional feelings of being overwhelmed and lost, and wanting to get on a train with nothing but a backpack and a soundtrack playing in the background are okay.

All this to be said, to say......
I ended up tucking the two little boys in at 7pm on Saturday night, sending Stuart off to watch a movie with a mate, and keeping my girl up for icecream and a movie night. It seemed all I had done all day was correct and train her, and I realised all she really needed was ME. She needed some "quality time" with her Mamma. So, we watched an episode of the old Little House on the Prairie series and felt suitably warm and fuzzy afterwards. :) Just sitting on the couch and cuddling was exactly what we both needed after the day we had had. I'm so glad I realised that rather than just putting her to bed cranky and upset (which is of course what I felt like doing, to finally get some peace and quiet!!).

It's easy when we get caught up in "there's no me time", and "gosh these children are awful".... to want to just run away, or get really cranky with everyone.
But on those hard days, if we can actually stop, take a short break, breathe, pray and breathe some more, we can see that there is some humour and love needed. Our kids need to see us smiling. They need to see us laugh. We need to keep things light, and keep having fun toghether! And we need to do whatever we need to do to stay sane during these early childhood years.

So, as soon as William is big enough, I'll be back on the stage.
And when Stu feels he can balance work and family, and fit in something a little extra, he'll be back with that sword in hand. And won't that feel great!!!

And maybe we'll have our bigger little ones by our sides. :)


Renata said...

Sounds like a lovely night you had with Saraya - what a precious bonding time! I like how you put it about this being a season in your life with little kids - I tend to forget & sometimes get frustrated, but before I know it they'll all be grown up & Dave & I will be able to GO OUT for dinner -just the two of us!
Renata :)

Heather said...

We had one of THOSE days yesterday! By the end of the day, I was rummaging through the cabinets looking for alcohol. That's never good.

I loved the pictures of you and Stu! I share your frustration at never having time for yourself. This season of our lives is difficult, but I always think about how quickly it will pass, and someday I'll probably want it back, though that's hard to believe right now!

karen said...

im glad that you managed to turn the day around, sounds like you had the nice relaxing evening that you needed. theres somthing mighty inspiring about your post, your day wasnt by any means perfect but you still managed to make the most of it in the end and stay positive. hope you have a realy great day to make up for it!
xo karen

Kelly said...


This post totally spoke to my heart. It's so easy to get caught up in being a parent and being this and that, and not only can we lose track of the uniqueness that God has created each of us in but we can also forget to stop and smile at the same diverse beauty that he has formed each of our children from.

Beautiful post and truly wonderful reminder!

P.S. Love those photos!!


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