Friday, July 18, 2008

Feminine Friday

Kelly from The Barefoot Mama is hosting Feminine Friday................... a chance to share a hairstyle, outfit, or anything really that makes you feel feminine! Check it out at her blog here.

I love a chance to embrace my femininity, remembering that I am a woman and although I (sadly) don't live in an era of long dresses, petticoats and horses and carriages, I can still be a lady!

Things that make me feel like a lady are..........
* nice earings
* a long skirt or dress (I look forward to wearing dresses again once I am no longer breastfeeding!)
* putting on a little mascara and lip gloss (about the extent of my makeup regime, but enough to make me feel a bit special :))
* having fresh flowers around my home
* the occasional flower in my hair :)
* wearing both my wedding ring AND my engagement ring
* wearing my apron while I bake or cook in the kitchen

......... I'm sure there are other things but I'm tired and can't think of any more at the moment.
Kelly suggested we post a photo of a favourite outfit or hairdo. This week I wanted to share that I have just discovered bobbie pins. Yep, good old bobbie pins. Not exactly a new invention, but it's amazing what you can do with them! My hair is pretty wild. I actually really like to straighten it, but with a newborn I'm finding no time to do it lately. So instead I've been wearing it natural- wavy I guess you'd say- and using bobbie pins to keep it out of the way, in a kind-of loose bun.
Saraya saw me putting it up for church last week and wanted to have hers up too. Here was the result.....

After seeing this photo on the camera screen, I actually went and tidied mine up with a few extra pins as I hadn't realised half of it had fallen out. :)

Us girls from the front.

It's fun to "dress up", doing whatever you have time to do and whatever makes you feel lovely.


Heather said...

The hairstyles are very soft and pretty. I've been growing my hair out, and it's very heavy and hot on my neck right now, so maybe I'll experiment with putting it up.

I LOVE the look on Saraya's face in that last photo. I think she really adores her Mom!

jazzy cat said...

Yes I agree with Heather! I was about to comment on what a beautiful photo that was of you and Saraya! Such a look of admiration and love on her face! Btw - love the upstyles! I never do anything to my hair apart from the occasional straighten either, I'd love to have long hair to experiment with upstyles!

Renata said...

You look lovely - those hairstyles are very pretty! I love that pic of you & Saraya - you are both very pretty! I also love everything you listed - earings, long skirts, pretty dresses & I adore aprons, so I try & wear one whenever I'm in the kitchen! It's so nice to feel feminine!

Julieann said...

I think your bun is very pretty--when it starts to fall I think it looks even more feminine--you are so pretty and your whole family is just lovely!

I love wearing my apron too.


Kelly said...


Your little girl is absolutely TOO CUTE in that picture of the two of you gals from the front! I love her "gazing at Mommy" expression. :o)

Bobby pins are grande! In fact, you've reminded me that I've been running low and should get more! LOL! I keep having to rummage in the car or odds-and-ends drawers to locate, um, "relocate", them. ;o)

Thanks for sharing and hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I totally agree about the fresh flowers thing around the house! Same here!


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