Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ouch :(

I'm feeling very sore and sorry tonight.

I've had a tooth slowly decaying for awhile now.......... when I was pregnant with William I went to have it checked and they couldn't do much as I couldn't have an x-ray to see what needed to be done. Just this week it's become very sore, throbbing at night etc. so I had the x-ray and it needed to be extracted. I had it out today.
Pregnancies have really caused my teeth to suffer...... they were virtually perfect before I became pregnant with Saraya, and since then I have had several fillings, lost two molars and all four of my wisdom teeth!! And this from a girl who really really dislikes extractions. :(

I'm off to bed soon to rest. I'm sure I'll feel brighter tomorrow!


Cathy said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!
I'm so sorry to hear this!!! I'll be praying for your swift recovery and will ring you tomorrow:)...WHAT a holiday and a half!!

Renata said...

Oh you poor thing. Hope you feel better soon. Pregnancy sure changes your body in sooooo... many ways - even ones you wouldn't think of.
Take care.
Renata :0

Tamra said...

my teeth have really gone down hill after pregnancy too. I hope you're feeling better.

jazzy cat said...

I find staying away from the dentist helps with mine ;-). Sorry to hear about all your teeth woes - hope it's the last of the extractions now!

Heather said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you! I HATE the dentist (well not personally, I just hate going to him).

Pregnancy didn't do my teeth any favors either, but my feet have suffered the most. Ugh...

Feel better soon!


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