Monday, July 7, 2008

A new video!

Last night Stu stayed up late having fun putting together a little video of our oldest two, made with footage from Elijah's 3rd birthday in June. Take a peek at the top "our video" link below.... and the others too, if you haven't already!


jazzy cat said...

That is too funny!!! My goodness Elijah is such a showman! Look out Billy Joel - he's the newest piano man on the block!!

Renata said...

oh that is so cute! Love the captions as well.
You asked about dreamworld - we enjoyed going there with the kids -we actually went twice in a fortnight as we got in the second time for $5.00 - which made it more affordable. There is a huge kids section, so the kids all had fun - it did however mean that we didn't do a lot of the "fun adult" rides (Dave did go on the giant drop however). It was a fun day out, but if you want to do the other rides, take a babysitter. We did enjoy the log ride & the kids loved it as well (I remember going on it when I was 5!!) They also liked the tiger show & the spongebob show! It is a good time, but don't expect it to be like when you were childless! BTW we did get one of those "old fashioned" photos done of the whole family - which is something I love!
Renata :)
Renata :)


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