Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Winter garden

Today was very very cold, a real nip in the air, showers, and a chilly breeze blowing. We ventured out to church this morning, and came home to light the fire and enjoy a pizza lunch in front of it! After a few hours of down time, the children were getting slightly crazy so we all headed outside to spend some time in the fresh (VERY fresh) air. I ended up walking around with William in the sling, taking some photos of what's going on in the garden at the moment. Thought I'd share it with you.

Roses rambling over the bird bath

This one is called "Pinky"

I love this variegated lemon thyme - it's really yummy and smells delicious too!

Nasturtiums which have popped up every winter, since I planted them 2 years ago

A delicate white Camelia flower on Elijah's bush (a gift from Cathy and her family for his 1st birthday)

Some flowering natives - the birds all LOVE these of course, so I want to plant more of them

They'll probably love these too........... hope we get to them first! The mulberries are just appearing on Saraya's tree (a 4th birthday gift from us - she loves mulberries!) Looking forward to Spring...

Flat-leaf parsely and mint gone MAD

The orange tree is flowering!

So is the French lavender.............

And the happy orange Calendulas..............

And who are these gorgeous little creatures running around the garden trying to keep warm??

This cracked me up....... a swim ring? Was she dreaming of summer beaches, or what?

The veggie patch could be fuller, but I haven't had much time for gardening lately! Lucky it's thriving on neglect. Broccoli, brown/red lettuces, parsely, capsicums....................

Oh, I also photographed this handsome man working hard on something.....................

Stay tuned for the next post to find out what it is! :)


Kelly said...


I absolutely love your blog! Your calendulas are gorgeous - and the swim ring is hysterical! Congratulations on the birth of your newest blessing. :o)

P.S. What gorgeous names everyone in your family has!

Renata said...

Your garden is lovely!!! I love roses & that one is beautiful! Your veggies inspire me (must get our patch done in time for spring planting) & I love the photo of Saraya in the swimming ring - so cute!!
Renata :)

jazzy cat said...

I'm a sucker for a good garden shot! Looks like your garden is thriving, and very conducive to the local fauna...including the human kind! I so wish I had a veggie garden! It's in my grand plan! My bet is that the handsome man is shovelling by hand, a swimming pool - olympic size ofcourse!;-)


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