Friday, July 25, 2008


I've been experimenting with using a pacifier / dummy with William a little bit this week.
He likes to take it to suck when tired during the day, to settle off to sleep. At the moment I'm not using it for him at night as he doesn't seem to need it.

Dummies are new to us as we didn't use them with our first two children. Just wondered what your experiences have been with dummies...... for or against, pros, cons, ideas, tips, etc.!

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.


Copland said...

I recall driving around town one time with Theresa and this guy on a bike pulled out right in front of us and I screamed out "You moron!" Anyway, he was a dummy...

Oh, hang on... I see what you mean.

Hope you guys are doing well!

Heather said...

Hi Saminda!

Bee loved her "binkies" and used them until she was three! She gave them up quite easily when we rounded them up, put them on the windowsill, and called the "binky fairy" to come get them. She took the binkies, and replaced them with a My Little Pony, and Bee was pleased as punch. She never mentioned the binkies again.

Cakesie would NEVER accept a pacifier, and I always wished she would! Particularly for car rides, when she was fussy and I couldn't nurse her. I don't believe that pacifiers are a problem at all-in fact, many doctors believe that sucking on a pacifier at night helps prevent SIDS.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Renata said...

I was like you - didn't use dummies with my first 2 kids, because they just wouldn't take them (I think Zai did once but that's all). However the twins LOVE their dummies. This was started in special care & I continued with them because they would self settle then! I try to give them to them only when they are going to sleep, but sometimes they will just find one around & then they don't like to give it up! I think I will let them have them til around three - then they must hand them over for good!!!

Kelly said...

Grace had a pacifier for about 1 month after she was born. But, then I became her "human pacifier" (she was a non-stop nurser...or so it felt, LOL). I think that in my ideal I'd totally be the same way (BFing instead of paci) with our next baby-on-the-way, BUT I honestly think that having a paci is no big deal and he/she will have one if they need it.

Theresa said...

I certainly don't feel like I know alot about parenting or being a mother. And it seems a little odd me sharing with you for the number of times, I called you when Nathaniel was born.

He is now 20 months old and he has had a dummy off and on since he was born but only while he is sleeping. He still has a dummy that we leave in a pocket on the side of his cot, that he will just get himself and settle back to sleep.

I don't mind him having it in his cot but that is where it stays. I have never liked seeing older toddlers walking down the street with a dummy hanging from their mouth.

So every morning when Nate sees us coming into his room, he jumps to his feet, puts the dummy in the pocket and reaches his arms up to be picked up.

Dummies have worked ok for us in this season.

Tereza said...

no real cons here....just keep a lot more than one so you don't havr to search at night!


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