Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feminine Friday (umm... Saturday ;))

Well, yesterday was a busy day and I didn't get my Feminine Friday post posted.

The little boys and I did some grocery shopping and went to playgroup, had rests and did a little housework before picking Saraya up from school. I made a yummy Apple Cobbler for dessert last night, to have after our pumpkin soup and bread. A nice start to the weekend, and a busy day!

Well, here's my Feminine Friday for this week.

The humble plait. I like trying different ways to wear my hair. In the somewhat repetitious life of a Mum, a "change is as good as a holiday". (Well, almost.)

I like plaits, and braids. They keep your hair out of the way and, well... look feminine too!

And this is my favourite bracelet. It was a birthday gift from my friend Jen down in Brisbane. This bracelet is great because it would be lovely to wear out (which I rarely get to do) but also really dresses up a casual everyday outfit (my usual attire!). I feel "happy" in this bracelet. :)

Thanks Jen!!


Renata said...

I always wear my hair either out - if I'm going out- or in a pony tail - if I'm at home- I should really try putting it into a plait - you're looks so pretty!

BarbaraLee said...

I can't wait for my hair to behave like that. It seems lately it doesn't want to do what I want. I did trim it a bit yesterday s it is doing a little better. I do love your hair.

Heather said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I'm growing mine out right now, and it's in that very frustrating in-between stage. I can't wait until it's long enough to braid, like yours.

REAL ME said...

love the bracelt!

jazzy cat said...

Thanks Min! Glad you like it! Definitely your colours I thought.

Kelly said...

Your hair is so pretty, Saminda, and I love not only the braid but the color! Your bracelet is HEAVENLY! It's so dashing! I agree about not getting out often but having fun dressing up regular outfits with special pieces. How extra-wonderful that it was a gift from a good friend. :o)

I hope that you guys had a fabulous weekend!


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