Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beauty on our Farm

After nearly 2 weeks of Lavender (William's chook) showing signs of consistent broodiness and trying to show us what a devoted mother hen she would be, we tracked down a few fertilized eggs from a friend's farm, and popped them under her.

And yesterday, one of them hatched! Lavender doesn't seem to mind that she's a different colour. :)

"Daisy" seems to be doing well and is utterly adorable!!

As is my own little farm girl, settling in oh so nicely to life on our land. She's been out checking on the eggs at least 10 times a day!

And these, cut from one of my rose bushes this morning.

Yes, there was plenty of beauty to be seen through my eyes today. Thank you Lord!


...they call me mommy... said...

How nice!! I love 'Lavendar' for a hen name, I'll have to remember that if we get chickens again! :)

Thanks for your sweet, sweet comments...I WOULD LOVE to have a bit of tea with you and chat!

God richest' blessings!

Kimmie said...

;-) I love it.

What a sweet mama and what a beautiful adopted baby that God brought her. when you look at those sweet little chooks, you will think about adoption.

I love the name too. Did the adopted one get a name yet? And when can you tell if it is a hen or a rooster? If it has no name and its a girl...Abigail means the *Father's Love.*

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Renata said...

How cute!
If she's out of the box walking around with the chick, that's a really good sign. Sounds like you're doing everything right - make sure they have plenty of access to food & water, but essentially the mother hen knows what to do with it. Chicks are very tempramental, but this mother looks very compotent! Hope you enjoy your newest farmyard member - I love it's colour! Enjoy your day - I have 4 cows to drove a few kms so we can load them on a truck & take to market!
Renata :)

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min,

How nice it would be to have those cute little darlings pecking away at the lawn - what a relaxing setting you have for yourselves at your new place! Made me chuckle to think you sought out a little-e for the broody Lavender...Btw - can I have your new address as Santa is having trouble directing a certain parcel your way ;-)


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