Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Photo Which Should Have Been Shown....

Hey everyone!

Well I hope you all had a good laugh over my horrible photo Stuart put up last night. :) I was mortified!! Anyway, that photo was a silly one he took as part of a photo shoot we did yesterday morning, trying to get a nice headshot of me for the audition. This is the one we actually used!

A quick update on today.......... Overall, I'm really happy with how it went. It was an experience beyond my wildest dreams, just getting asked to audition was a buzz! I sang for the Musical Director and the Head Choreographer of Mary Poppins and it was a thrill to meet them and sing for them! They were lovely people which was a relief. :) My song Mister Snow went well, and then I had to do some scales up to the top C - a challenge for me because that's the very top of my register, but thankfully I hit the note clearly. And they were my two prayers - that I would sing Mister Snow well, and hit the C. God didn't let me down! He is so faithful. They then asked about how iconic Mary Poppins is in Maryborough - they wanted to know about our festival here and everything, and I think they found it rather amusing! They seemed happy with my singing and said "Well, that's all we need Saminda, thank you". And that was it. No tap dancing. After all my hard work! Dance is apparently the next round........ and I'm imagining I probably won't go any further. The talent there today was outstanding, and it felt sort-of final when I left the building. I feel privileged to have even been counted among those other girls. And I feel inspired to keep working, keep singing and dancing as much as humanly possible! I honestly haven't kept up my vocal training the way I should be these past few years, even at home, and that's about to change. :)

But do you know what? In spite of all the excitement, and the coffees on the road, and the big city and all the opportunities in that 'other' life........... I am really genuinely happy to be home. I have missed my family so so much this week. I missed William's snuggles, the feel of his hair, his kisses and the way he needs me. I've missed just sitting on my verandah and relaxing! I've missed the busy chatter of my children and the comfort of being near my husband. It's holidays and so far all I've done is prepare for an audition! I have loved coming home today to a family who is proud of me, and who have welcomed me home again to this beautiful place.

I prayed that God would be the decision-maker in this audition process. I didn't want that part, or even to go any further, if it wasn't His will for me.

"...For i know the plans i have for you," declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future". Jeremiah 29:11-14

And I trusted that verse completely. If He wants me home, here, and not in Melbourne - I am more than happy to be here. Today was great. Overwhelming, exciting and brutally challenging, but wonderful. :) Thanks so much everyone for all your support and prayers and encouragement!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I was telling my husband this morning about how your husband 'hijacked' your blog and posted the photo. All he said was 'Just wait until you go into hospital to have the baby!'
It was just so wonderful to read what you have posted about the audition and how you felt when it was all over. I will email you and tell you about how I have seen some of my dreams come to fruition - not quite how I envisioned them but how God did grant me the desires of my heart and still is !
I must tell you about what happened when I showed your audition clip posted on You Tube to my daughter yesterday. When you started to sing 'Just a spoonful of sugar' my baby started to leap in the womb and continued - a very definite reaction to hearing your sweet voice as it had been quiet up until that moment! I will hopefully email you and let you know when I actually go into labour - not long now!

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
Welcome back!!! Loved the way Stu hijacked your blog! So pleased you could go & audition - can only imagine what an amazing experience it is. That verse from Jeremiah is one of my favourites as well!
Hope you can have some relaxation over the next few days - was praying for you all week as you prepared & auditioned - it must have been a whirlwind of things to do! Hope you have a lovely day! God bless you.
Renata :)

Heather said...

I'm so glad it went well, and I think your headshot is lovely. Though I confess that I also liked the photo that Stu put up - a different side of you that I don't get to see usually!

Sandra said...

I am so pleased to hear you were happy with how it went. It must have been very exciting. And your dance practice I'm sure hasn't gone to waste. If nothing else, you can tap around the house.
Enjoy those snuggles with your family.

...they call me mommy... said...

Love this post, Saminda! What a great perspective you have on it all!

Congrats on a good audition!

AmFriend said...

God is good! Glad your prayers were answered and that you feel a peace about the auditions. Not to be too cliche, but when God closes one door, He opens another.

You should not be mortified by Stu's posting the fun, whimsical, zany picture of you. I so enjoyed it. And had to laugh as the humor you two obviously share in your marriage was shared with us for a brief moment by Stu.

Enjoy veranda time, snuggles, and the sweet conversations of little ones.

jazzy cat said...

I think they would have remembered you more with the photo Stu posted Min ;-) So happy to hear the audition went well, even if that is the end of the road this time (THIS TIME ;-)...


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