Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Stockman's Prayer

It's been a very busy and festive couple of days for our little family. Tonight was our town's Carols night and Stuart, Saraya and I were all involved in the performing. Which meant that Will and Elijah came along too. :) A 5 hour rehearsal today, plus an hour of waiting around tonight before the concert.... and the concert itself which went for a couple of hours... and they did so well, I am relieved and very proud of them! It was a huge day but the carols were a success, despite having a last-minute move from the park into the theatre due to rain. Phew, glad this one is over... now to concentrate on the last few gifts to buy, and to spend some nice hours wrapping them over the next few days. :) And a little more festive baking. Christmas is getting close!

Last night we took the children to a performance called "Christmas Alive" at a church around the corner from us. They presented an Aussie version of the Christmas story, exploring what it might have been like had Jesus been born in the Australian bush. It was very entertaining, and I brought home a copy of Psalm 23 written from an Aussie stockman's perspective and thought I'd share it!! Plus some photos I took this morning. :)

The Stockman's Prayer

"God is the Station Owner,
and I am one of His sheep.
He musters me down
to the Lucerne flats,
and feeds me there all week.

When I'm feeling poorly,
and at something less than my peak,
He leads me to the restfulness
of a coolabah shaded creek.

Even when the droughts are bad,
and I cross the Desert of Death,
God is close beside me,
so close I can feel His Breath.

God is the one who holds the map
that gives me my direction,
and God is the one who guarantees
provision for my protection.

His patience and compassion
and forgiveness fail me never,
and I'll live with Him
in the Homestead,
beyond the end of forever."


These Australian King Parrots have been visiting us most days. They are quite big, and have the most stunning colouring!

And I just had to put that one in of Saraya with the puzzle. Unrelated, but hey I was so impressed - she did that never-seen-before 100 piece puzzle completely on her own during rest time - in 25 minutes flat!!! Talent, I tell you. And she didn't get it from me. ;)


Kimmie said...

;-) Loved the sweet poem!

I love what you've been all sounds so lovely.

25 minutes for that, she must be a whiz at math. Lucky you!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

AmFriend said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening, together as a family, spreading Christmas cheer.
Love the prayer and the accompanying photos. What a delight to see the parrots and their riotous colors.
Saraya's a good puzzler.
Thank you as always for sharing.

Renata said...

Well done Saraya!
What a fun interpretation of that psalm. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Glad you got some rain! We went to the carols here last night - it was tiny, but lots of fun! Have a nice day!
Your friend
Renata :)


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