Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Love GREEN!!!

This is how the view from our front door has looked since we moved here 7 weeks ago........

Beautiful, and Brown.

Since the rain starting moving in on Christmas Eve, a slow transformation is taking place. The view outside my front door as of this afternoon.......

Beautiful, and Green.

Considering how much I love and adore gardening, and green - the hills, the countryside, the pretty villages of England - I am so thrilled to see green outside once again!

Our little orchard

And keeping these guys inside is proving difficult - not that I'm really trying.

And as for this young man?

Well since seeing the clip from the old Gene Kelly classic "Singing in the Rain", he just can't seem to stop himself from doing just that - at every possible opportunity. :)

"He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills."
Psalm 147:8


Amanda. said...

Children just love playing in the rain don't they? I know mine do! What a beautiful property you have! I love green too. Praise God for much needed rain!

jazzy cat said...

It's been amazing down here too - lovely showers every day since Christmas! Can't believe how green the grass is and just lifts your spirits enormously! Hope it is reaching the dams and farmers though!!! ...gotta love singing in the rain :-)

AmFriend said...

What are the flowers in the right hand corner of the 3rd picture? They are lovely. Oh and I could just eat Elijah up. LOVE that photo of him "Singing in the Rain". He looks like a true thespian.

Lindsey Carver said...

Yay for rain! Your new place is looking beatiful in it's new color!

Sandra said...

The rain has made such a difference! Glad to see how your yard has benefited from that lovely rain. It was a wonderful Christmas present, wasn't it?
Our guinea pig is very thankful too.

Renata said...

It is just wonderful to have green around isn't it! I love how quickly the earth turns green after a good rain!


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