Monday, December 28, 2009

We've Holidayed.... and We're Home!

After a wonderfully happy and relaxed Christmas morning at home, complete with croissants, and fruit, and homemade bonbons, and presents................

................ we headed south to my parent's unit on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We exchanged gifts then welcomed all the extended family for nibblies, drinks, dinner and plentiful dessert! It was a great time of catching up, giving and receiving gifts, laughing and enjoying all the festivities my wonderful Mother had prepared for us all. :)

Over the last few days we have enjoyed many hours playing on the beach. It was so beautiful, fun and refreshing being by the sea!

The most beautiful playtime and walk as the sun set on Saturday.....
and our exhausted baby after a beach swim and walk around the markets yesterday morning. :)

So after 3 nights together, many cups of coffee and much conversation, we made the drive home today. We were welcomed home by steady rain (this is very very exciting after such a long drought!), half-full tanks and grass which is becoming greener very quickly! It seems the drought has broken and the rainy season has moved in. Praise God.

Photos of our greener home to come tomorrow.

It's nice to be home. :) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


Maus said...

how cute the baby----

...they call me mommy... said...

What a fun thing! Beach at Christmas...hard for this snowy girl to imagine! :) I absolutely ADORE that beach at sun set photo! PRICELESS! :)


Helen said...

Yes, that's all well and good Saminda, but who was that action woman running along the beach?????
Obviously someone quite famous, I mean check out the whole dark glasses disguise?!!!

AmFriend said...

Someone set a lovely table for you.
Love all the pictures as usual, but oh my goodness that one of Saraya and Elijah's reflections in the water, simply SCRUMPTIOUS.

Renata said...

what a lovely Christmas you had! Love the beach pictures. My auntie lives quite close to that park & we were there in August!


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