Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve!!!

It's Christmas Eve. What a day of festivities we've had!

After lunch we each opened a couple of presents. This was a special time! My little girl has been saving money all year. We don't give the children pocket money, so every bit she has saved has been given by grandparents or has been earned by doing a special job for me. She had $20.65. She had been saving for a dolly but made a decision last week to spend her money on gifts for us. We made sure she was certain, and she definitely was! Stuart took her shopping for mine and the boys' gifts, and I took her this morning to find a photo frame for Stuart - inside which we put a special photo of her and Stu, for his work desk. All Saraya's own ideas, and boy she has discovered something throughout this process..........

Giving is even better than receiving!!

The delight buzzing between these two as William's favourite character "Makka-Pakka" was opened brought a tear to my eye! Such joy.

This afternoon, as tradition stands in our house, we cut our Christmas Cake. I had a helper.

A very smiley helper!!!

We sung happy birthday to Jesus. :)

Tonight we went to church and it was nice seeing the children joining in with all the carols they have got to know so well this season.

Here's Will all ready to go!

After getting home and changing into pj's, watching a little of the carols on TV and reading a special Christmas Eve story.... and hanging their stockings......

..... the children collapsed exhausted into bed. I'm hoping that means they won't be up before the sun tomorrow!

The stockings are now filled and the final presents wrapped.

I love this night. I love the promises tomorrow holds. I love that when I wake up I will make a special breakfast for my family and we will eat and share gifts and give thanks to the One who gave us Jesus.

Merry Christmas friends, thank you for blessing me and I wish you a very joyous day tomorrow!


Kimmie said...

Have a wonderful Christ filled you dear Saminda.

Merry, Merry Christmas!


AmFriend said...

Merry Christmas Fern Family!!

Renata said...

What a lovely post! Saraya is such a sweetheart!


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