Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please Join Me.....

... in supporting beautiful Kimmie and her family.

Kimmie hosts "Prayer Request Sunday" each week, banding together with friends to pray for one another.

But Kimmie, her husband and their 7 children (1 homemade, 6 adopted as she often says herself :)) have a BIG prayer of their own right now. They have another little girl, 12 years old, in Ethiopia, and they are trying to raise enough money to complete her adoption. Click here to read their incredible story, and the way their children are courageously working to bring their new sister home. This sweet girl has been 5 years without any family.

Please, please pray for Kimmie and her family as they strive to bring this little one home to safety, to a home which will provide warmth and love for her. And if there is any way you can give a donation - and no donation is too small, it all adds up - please do.

Kimmie is a very talented photographer and photo editor, and she is offering to "touch up" photos for anyone as a thank you for making a donation towards this adoption. Visit her site to find out how.

Here is their littlest, adopted from Ethiopia earlier this year. She is such a beautiful baby!! This is the kind of thing Kimmie can do with pictures....

Isn't she clever?

"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me" Matthew 18:5.


Kimmie said...

What a precious friend you are...I am crying too much to type anything else.

thank you


Saminda said...

Please don't cry Kimmie..... you are more than welcome. We are sisters in Christ! I don't know if it will send anyone over, but I hope it does. If everyone gave a little, we could get her home right?!
I noticed recently that Anna from Pleasantview Schoolhouse was helping you out through Etsy - do you know Anna personally? She is another woman and mother who inspires me enormously!!
Hugs, Saminda xo

Kimmie said...

You crack me up...we can keep each other busy commenting on comments ;-)

Anna is my sister in Christ. She has become a dear friend...though we have never met face to face. God spoke to her to help us raise funds...she is amazing! Anna encouraged me through our last adoption, she knit Princess Mercy the most darling dress, she counseled me as how to do her hair (which books were helpful)and always speaks wisdom. She has a heart for adoption too!

....how wonderful is blogging. ;-) Anna's Etsy and her encouraging other's to jump in with their Etsy sales...has brought us close to $1,000. really. we are blessed!

My Knight and I are always amazed how God moves peoples hearts, though we've never met face to face.

cool stuff.

love you Saminda (and I love your name...does it have a meaning?)


Renata said...

Kimmie is such a wonderful blog friend. What a lovely idea to do a post about her adoption. I watched intently her last adoption & know she truely will put the money to good use.


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