Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmassy Bits and Pieces

Well, it is Friday and it is hot. Hot, hot, hot. And dry!! :( Pleeeease Lord, send us some rain!

The heat is not deterring us from enjoying our holidays however. We are happily hanging out together, enjoying more than I can tell you having the Papa of the house around - we love you Stu! - and getting in some time for rest and relaxation. Today I did manage to change bed sheets and get the floors vacuumed and mopped etc., but I just love having an extra adult around so I can sneak away for some quiet moments all by myself!

I didn't get to post pictures of our time in Brisbane as a family last weekend..... before we rushed back up here so I could learn to tap dance, and then I of course rushed back down again for the audition. But last weekend was special time with extended family and was great.

We were there for the baptism of this special nephew Tom. He is such a lovely boy, so convicted in his faith now.... and so talented, and loving! I think his future is going to be bright. This is Stu's sister Wendy, also a beautiful example of Jesus to everyone around her. :) I feel really blessed to have these guys in my life.

We visited the city of course, saw the Myer Christmas Windows and the big tree in King George Square. The children were so impressed with it's size!!

And the fact that all the lights are solar powered. :)

We walked around the city and saw all the sights with their Nanna and Grandpa, always a treat at Christmas time.

And had morning tea. And purchased the children's annual Christmas decorations for their collections. And did a little Christmas shopping! :) Nice.

So that's news. I hope to do a little more Christmas shopping this afternoon. Seeking out the air conditioning is part of the motivation for that. :)


Oh, and the whole process of learning to tap for the audition may not have been a waste after all. I myself am hoping to take classes next year (it's great for your legs I've discovered!!!)....... and so are two other little people in my house. Here they are in action the other day (adult tap shoes, makes it a bit tricky....) - what do you think? Are they naturals?!!

Christmassy blessings friends!
Saminda xo


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Saminda
Did you dress Saraya to match the tree? - she looks so stylish and well coordinated! I love the tree too - the trees in our shopping malls are too jazzy I think!
I will email you over the weekend. Please pray for my baby to grow some more - small for dates and measuring at 35 weeks with the tape measure but I have small babies and always lag with the tape measure on the belly. Baby's heartbeat is fine, so is my BP and baby is moving - has disengaged though - needs a bit longer to grow so that is not so bad. I have to see the OB on Wednesday and have a scan on Thursday. Speak to you soon! THANK YOU for the lovely encouraging comment. You are such a blessing!

Renata said...

Definitely naturals! Very, very cute! Sounds like you had a lovely time in Brissy - I forgot how big the tree is & the Myer windows are always lovely! It hasn't been too hot here the last few days - in fact we didn't need the a/c today - but it is meant to get hot soon. Hope you find ways to keep cool!
Have a lovely weekend!
Renata :)

Sandra said...

I had a chance to see the Brissie Christmas tree yesterday too. It is beautiful. I was by myself however, so I would like the boys to see it too before too long.
Glad you had a wonderful time with family last weekend.
And your little tappers are definitely naturals!


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