Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big, Long Day

Today has been big. And long.

We were home all morning, which usually means we are happy and chirpy........ but today it didn't. We were cross and cranky! Crying toddler (who I discovered tonight is teething a big molar.. could explain it), preschooler needing attention and fun, and big girl needing cuddles and lessons. And of course, a dirty floor, crusty bathroom (trust me, it was bad..), lots of dirty dishes, snappy Mama....... I think you're getting a feel for our morning. :( It doesn't happen often, but sometimes it does.

I snapped at Saraya more than once .... then had to apologise, more than once. I sat William in his cot while he cried for me, just so I could scrub the bathroom. I mean, he could see me and I was reassuring him all the while...... but I just HAD to clean or I would go insane!!!! It just caught up with me and nothing was going to stop me.

I got the cleaning all done and felt ever so much better. I was sad because my littles ones had suffered through my crazy cleaning frenzy.......... but all's well that ends well. And as I say, it happens rarely that the cleaning builds up to the point of distraction. I've just been really tired and seem to be walking round in circles these past few days.

Anyway. We headed up to Hervey Bay this afternoon and I stopped into a little shop recommended by a friend of mine - it's called Nana's Pantry and it's precious!! Lots of little boxes with scoops, filled with all kinds of treasures........ from healthy treats to not so healthy treats. :) We are trying some new snacks which is like a little adventure for the children. We'll definitely be back,and on a nicer day will go to the beach as well!

I've been having a good look at some crafts on the net tonight. I must get organised to do more crafts with the children, they all love it and childhood is too short not to get creative every day.

In the meantime though, they do pretty well on limited resources. Last night while we waited for Stuart to get home from work, they had a big drawing session with the crayons while I prepared dinner. I love to see what they create!

even little Will is heavily into drawing at the moment!
here he was drawing a mower, with Papa on it :)

Elijah's awesome helicopter, flying through the rain

a gorgeous horse!

and a rabbit

who was given a colourful background.

My children each have a special place to store their favourite drawings. Others are given away (mostly to me - you should see inside my bedside table!) or used for cards or gifts.

They are busy little artists and I love them to bits.

And tomorrow is another day!


sarah in the woods said...

Such good little artists - love those pictures!

Vicki said...

I love Nana's Pantry, I thought you would too :). Lovely creations by the kids too, I love Saraya's horse!

Kay said...

It's ok that you don't have organised cfafts for your kids. They get to be imaginative and creative!!!

Sandra said...

beautiful drawings!

AmFriend said...

Love seeing William's hair from that angle and what fun that he is into colorin.! Elijah and Saraya are pretty good little artists too!

~Amanda in Vic. said...

(((Hugs))) We all have those days every now and then. I too have been know to "lock up" a toddler so I could clean - cot or high chair or play pen or room with a safety gate ;) I love that you keep your blog so real!

Those pictures are great! Saraya is most definitely a naturalist! Her animal drawings are wonderful!


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