Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1, Term 2

Well, it's Day 1, Term 2. 10 weeks of school and work before our winter break.

The day has gone well thus far. I spent a far bit of time over the weekend pulling out our curriculum to see which lesson we were up to in which subject, making notes in my notebook, photocopying Saraya's worksheets (I photocopy all our curriculum so I can reuse the books with the other children in years to come! - all her sheets go into a folder with plastic sleeves for storage), checking our reading material, and researching some ideas for teaching Elijah beginner phonics as he's very interested in learning to read. I also cleaned out the craft cupboard last night and the kids were very excited to see neat stationary again this morning!

This was Saraya early this morning. I had laid out her math sheets (review sheets from concepts studied last term) and her copywork on the dining table before I went to bed last night, and she was up and into it before breakfast this morning! Nothing like early-term enthusiasm. ;)

After chores and brekky and a play, I did a little lesson with Elijah which he loved, then followed up with Saraya's other subjects.

Now housework is (mostly) done, lunch is out of the way, and my kiddos are outside........

This is a zoomed-in photo from the front verandah. You can see Saraya and Elijah on the left, on a towel having some kind of game, and Will on the right putting his ride-on car and himself into the wagon! So they're all stretching their legs before rest time. Actually, I can hear them coming up now so I'd better go. Saraya is pulling both boys and the car in the wagon up the hill!!! I've been having fun just now looking at handmade toys and special things on the net, getting inspired for William's 2nd birthday coming up next month!

Loving all your comments on my last post, thanks everyone for entering and for your kind words. Don't forget to enter if you haven't already done so!!


Sandra said...

Here's to a great term of learning!

~Amanda in Vic. said...

Oh, you are so much more organised than me! LOL

Saminda said...

Only because it's day 1 Amanda! I like to get the term off to a good start..... but trust me, it won't necessarily last long. :)


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