Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playdough Day

Some days, I just wake up and think "Let's make playdough today". So, we did!

I had a handsome helper, still in pyjamas

And three willing littlies to play with it for a good hour or more.

Nice and bright, the way we like it!

Aside from making / playing with playdough, our day has been fairly usual for a home day. I have washed and folded mountains of laundry, prepared snacks and washed dishes, grabbed a few moments to read my book here and there, read to the children (I'm sure learning a lot about explorers this week!), cleaned up William's many accidents..... and admired my new $9.99 bed cover every time I walk past the bedroom. :) Changes are so nice sometimes! Saraya and I have tackled her literacy and history (hooray for children who just want to know more and more and more.... instead of researching for a half hour it stretched into over an hour), reviewed some maths and I left her to do her maths test - 100%, hooray!! We have been doing some algebra which has had her in a muddle these past few days, so this was a great surprise. She understands it. Such a relief.

Still to come today.......... our walk, making soup for dinner, baths, maybe playing the computer -Mathletics for Saraya and Starfall for Elijah, as Stu will be home late tonight. Then when he gets home I'm outta here! Off to spend a few hours with a friend which I'm really looking forward to.


Christy said...

Yay for playdough! Such fun! I'm really into playdough with a fun twist - scented playdough. I made a yellow lemon-scented one yesterday and brown cinnamon playdough a few weeks ago! My children just love it!
Hope you have fun out with your friend tonight. I'm hanging out for dinner with my friend tomorrow night :D

Kimmie said...

Sounds like fun...

how was your time with your friend (trying not to be jealous, wish it was me ;-)


Renata said...

Oh I made playdough the other day as well - it's such a fun activity & it really is quite easy to make too!
Some girl time with a friend sounds wonderful!


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