Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Mary Valley Rattler Day!!

Our computer is home again! I always feel like I'll never catch up on posts when we are computer-less for days or weeks on end....... but then I remember, it doesn't really matter. :)

We have had a lovely week together. Tomorrow is the last day of our autumn break, and I think we're all feeling ready to get back into routine again. School and work resume on Monday, so Stuart and I are both busy preparing for that. Lots of planning going on here.

Notable things this week.......... I have ticked most but not all jobs off my to-do list for the holidays- I'm happy with that!; we spent nearly the whole day at the beach and pool last Sunday; the children have had lots of friends come to play this week; Wednesday morning I hosted a BIG homeschool get-together here.... very relaxed, good conversation, 18 happy kids running around, definitely going to do it again soon!!; with no computer I have been reading a lot at night- you'll see 2 more books appear on my Book List (sidebar) tonight, just 2 books I missed reading in my girlhood and thought I'd better read now (and have enjoyed very much); Elijah has taken a genuine interest in space, and he and Stu have spent many hours pouring over books, looking at constellations at night, and discussing things; William is still obsessing over mowers, is adorable, and is going okay with his toilet training, but still frequent accidents to clean up; Saraya has been such a blessing, beautiful, helpful and really selfless this holidays which has brought joy to my heart as I see her growing into such a lovely older girl; and we had Grandad visiting last night and today which was a treat for everyone!

I have some photos to share tonight of our day today on the Mary Valley Rattler. It is a beautiful old steam engine which pulls it's many carriages and passengers through the Mary Valley - very exciting! This is something we have dreamed of doing ever since we moved into this region, and after receiving some family Easter gift money from my parents (thank you so much Mum and Ray) we decided we'd go ahead and do it! Grandad (Stuart's Dad) came along with us, and it was a really great day out. Lots of memories we will all cherish for many years to come.

just boarding

our 3 happy munchkins

beautiful boy

siblings gazing at the view

such beauty

me and my big boy

rounding a bend

and running on the platform after our adventure!

What a beautiful family and life I have been given. I am so undeserving, so overwhelmed, so thankful.

We've loved spending lots of time outdoors this month, and I'll continue the challenge and post the photos as I find the time.

It's great to be back! Have a great weekend everyone. :)


Sandra said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful break. And looks like you had a fantastic day out on the Rattler. I have some very similar shots - with different happy faces in it.
Good to hear you enjoyed Solothurn too. Hope you get back soon.

sarah in the woods said...

Sweet pictures. We rode a train several years ago when Miah and Larkin were pretty little. I bet they'd love to do it again.

Laura said...

So jealous of the lovely train ride. I love trains!


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