Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots and Lots of Friends!

Today was a day for Lots of Friends!!!

First friends this morning for a big long creative play. Six busy children music-making, dressing up, running hither and thither and having great childlike conversations. :) And us Mamas sat and chatted about lots of Mama-type things.

Lunch, rests and quiet times before our next lot of friends arrived. This was a special play date the children had been looking forward to very much. Saraya had handwritten the invitation last week and both children were completely ecstatic when they woke up this morning, realising that today was the day!!!!

So, lots of little ones were out here enjoying the big wide world. Watching them brought joy to my heart. And of course I had to take photos to capture the memories. :)

Stu took all the kids on nice slow wagon rides. I love this top one - everyone holding hands, Saraya gazing up at the sky, Chloe gazing at the boys holding hands. :) So sweet.

I was walking the property and noticed one of our wood ducks having her bath before bed.
This may be the one we call Jemima. Or maybe Rebecca?

The boys giggled and hoo-haahd the whole time!

William was up at the house showing me some of the painted rocks we did recently.

Campfire time!!!! The most exciting part. :)

We ate tea around the fire then toasted marshmallows for dessert part 1.

Dessert part 2 was special ice-creams while we watched a little video before our visitors went home - the link to which I will put up tomorrow! An Elijah Fern Production! :)

So that was our Friday. Whew! Holidays are such a great time!

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Kimmie said...

What a nice time! Love all the pictures. And William and the painted rocks, is just precious.



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