Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sally Clarkson and our Wednesday

I love, love, love Sally Clarkson's books. I have read and re-read "The Mission of Motherhood" and it always inspires me! I also enjoyed "Seasons of a Mother's Heart" which is an encouragement for homeschool Mums particularly. She has written other books and I would love to own them all.

Sally is running a giveaway on her blog I Take Joy (see my sidebar if you are interested) for a whole bundle of her books. Jump on over and take a look for yourself! Her latest book "Dancing with my Father" is all about finding the joy in the every day. I can't wait to get my hands on that one. :)

Ah, today. Half of it was spent at home, homeschooling and houseworking basically. The rest of the day was spent in town. One of the windows in our car went down last Friday afternoon, and wouldn't come up again! :( I had it booked in to be fixed today - and hence the children and I spent 3 and a half hours filling in time in town. We visited Lincraft (hello new ball of wool for crazy finger-knitting addicts, new $9.99 quilt cover for our bed, and watercolour pencils for Saraya), the library (hello books on Captain Cook - next unit in our Australian history curriculum), lunch (hello paninis and freshly squeezed juice) and the park. It was a good time, but good to get home again!!

After all that activity I just made some wraps for dinner. Nice and simple. There were a few things catching my eye to photograph while I was working late this afternoon and thought I'd share. :)

my hen Jasmine scratching away on our front lawn

stunning sun setting over the land

new bright yellow gerberas from a friend

my sweet daughter trying out her watercolour pencils

and a gorgeous toddler with his beanie and handbag!

When I asked William what he had in his bag, he said "mower!" Hardly surprising. And yes, there really was a small purple forklift toy in there - and he calls every type of vehicle a mower.

Time for bed I think! A big day, a good day, looking forward very very much to a home day tomorrow. :)


Karen said...

I love that book too! And it looks like a lovely day.

AmFriend said...

What a lovely sunset. And that picture of William is ADORABLE!!

On a side note; I am reading a book based in Australia. It is called The Household Guide to Dying by Debra Adelaide. Thanks to being a reader of your blog, I understand terms I wouldn't have before and the setting makes me think of you.


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