Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday

It is Monday, and yet Stuart doesn't have to go to work - hooray!

It is Easter Monday and Stuart doesn't have to go to work for the next 2 weeks - double hooray!!

It is wonderful. It is at these moments that I am thankful he is a school teacher. I forget about the difficulties we face during term - all the distractions, the 10 hour work days, 5 days a week, and the staying up late planning and the weekend work projects ........ and I am just thankful he has these holidays.

Typical Saminda fashion, I sat down with my coffee this morning and made my Holiday List. If you're anything like me, you may enjoy seeing my list. :)

* All mowing / whippersnipping (Stuart.. and almost done! Well, the mowing anyway. He's on the last bit now. 3 and a half hours in.....)
* Build a chook run extension for our expanding flock (Stuart..)
* Get haircuts (Stu and I)
* Fertilize fruit trees
* Create a pumpkin patch
* Lots more planting in the garden!
* Change kids' rooms around ?
* Catch up with friends
* Go to the pool for a swim
* Playdate with friends
* BBQ's and Camp fire nights
* Go to the beach
* Extra meals / bread baking / other baking to freeze for during term
* Empty linen cupboard and plastics cupboard, clean out and re-sort
* Empty craft cupboard, clean out and re-sort
* Sort out all the children's dress-ups and present them better
* Visit the book library
* Return toys to the toy library
* Try out some new recipes
* Clean not-so-clean areas of the house
* Use Easter gift money to take the children on the Mary Valley Rattler ? (old steam train, never done this before but always wanted to!)
* Planning for homeschooling Term 2 (not too much to do, just want to be organised)

So that's my list! Not sure what Stuart's looks like but it's always fun to sit together and chat about what we'll do with the holidays. The possibilities always seem endless, and yet the days always fly by. I know he'll spend time out at work these holidays too, but still we'll see lots of him and that makes me happy. :)

There will be lots of moments like this one this afternoon! Something special the children didn't know the mower could do...........

Hehe, this was Will this morning after an hour with Stu on the mower ..... yes, we were pretty surprised he went to sleep ....... though I guess it is a moving vehicle and being on the mower with his Papa is probably his favourite place in the world to be. So maybe it's a natural place to fall asleep. :) Anyway, it was cute!

Thank you Stu for being a wonderful father to our children. We love and appreciate you so much!!


AmFriend said...

Lovely days ahead for you as you enjoy this holiday break. Love the new family photo around the fire. What fun to be pulled by the mower in the wagon. I guess you do this when the blades aren't on, so as not to risk injury to the kiddos?

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Wow that is quite a list Saminda. Sounds like a very busy but happy and productive Easter holidays for you all. We had a lovely weekend, went to an awesome production called 'Saviour King' on Good Friday which involved drama,dance, narration and music. Very professional and totally awesome. Ezra was impressed by the Roman soldiers costumes.
We invited another family for Easter Sunday dinner. Luke arrived back from Easterfest today and had a fantastic time. Camped with a group from Ipswich who he met on arrival. Not sure what we will do over the holidays - not sure if I will have a list as long as yours! In fact I haven't even made a list!

Saminda said...

Amy - definitely no blades on!!
Ann - I'm just a listaholic. :) Love lists! I don't know how much I'll get through, but that's no matter. I just love having goals. xo

Sandra said...

Happy holidays Saminda. I'll bet that ride on and wagon will get quite a work out these holidays. And Will is too sweet that he could fall asleep on one of those noisy things.

Sandra said...

Oh, and I meant to say we've been on the Mary Rattler and it was much enjoyed. Except by me who was pregnant and felt very ill the whole return journey. Hope you get a chance to do the train trip.


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