Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winner and Other Bits!

Well, today is the day to announce the 500th Post giveaway winner! The random number generator popped up number 6 - Christy! Well done Christy! Leave me your email address so I can get in touch, and your seeds will be on their way. :)

Ah, long weekends. Love them. :) I actually keep forgetting this is a long weekend, then getting all happy again when I remember! I don't what our plans are for tomorrow. Quiet stuff at home I guess. I think Stu has some school work to do so maybe we'll stick to our normal routine in the morning too.

Well, Saraya has a new passion following yesterday's little lesson on finger knitting.

She made this dolly scarf yesterday afternoon, and was up and into it again first thing this morning. She made a little gift for a birthday girl which she tells me is interchangeable as a bracelet or a bookmark! This is a great craft for children as they can do it completely independently and leaves plenty of room for their imaginations to take hold.

Stuart took the children to town this morning and they marched in the Anzac Day Parade. A new experience for the children; all the Anzac Day remembrances have sparked lots of interesting discussion on the two World Wars. So hard to explain to them.

Here are Saraya and Will on their way to the car for the memorial service and parade. Will looked really dapper! :)

After doing a bit of housework I spent some time singing and playing the piano while they were gone. What a blessing to me! I seriously need to do more of this, it just fills my spirit so so much. No more excuses, I just need to do it!

What else....... Ah, we had a really foggy morning today!!

I've honestly never seen fog this thick. The children went walking on the property and I couldn't see them through the fog! It was amazing. We brightened up the morning with pancakes which has become our Sunday breakfast tradition. We've also started having a walk as a family on Sunday afternoons. It's nice to do something together and chat before beginning a new week. I'm loving it! Sundays in our family have become a very relaxing Sabbath - there is always music, reading, chatting, opening of the Word, sharing meals, resting, planning and dreaming...... and now walking - it's becoming my favourite family day of the week. It is a peaceful day spiritually too.

The little boys are needing me so I'd better go. Happy Sunday friends, and congrats Christy!

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Renata said...

Hi Saminda
I'm sorry it's been so, so, so long since I've caught up with your blog... life has been completely chaotic this last month. Anyway I'm glad to see you're going well. Zai also loves finger knitting & has done metres of the stuff.
Your foggy morning looks lovely - fog always reminds me of our holidays at my grandparents farm on the atherton tablelands - beautiful!
I hope you are enjoying this long weekend. Dave has an assignment due (I grabbed the computer while he's having a short break), but otherwise we're having a quiet one also.
Congrats to Christy for winning the giveaway - & sorry that I didn't get to enter.
Have a great rest of your day
Renata :)


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