Thursday, October 22, 2009

3 Things

Aside from the washing, the meals, the nappy changes, the running of lavender baths and other general stuff that goes on in our house, we have really only done 3 Things today.

We went to town. We bought fruit and borrowed new books from the library.

So, the children read!!! And read and read and read and read and read ..........

Today is really hot, so right now all 3 kids are wearing very little and are outside playing with water.

And lastly but certainly not leastly, I've been --------- packing.

Yep, the House of Dreams is very quickly becoming the House of Boxes.

3 Things done, and pretty much enjoyed. Reading. Water play. Packing.

A good day. :)


AmFriend said...

Oh my GOSH. William looks SO big sitting on the sofa reading his book. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE.

Cathy said...

Lovely pics - and progress!
Our sweet baby is better- thanks so much for rescuing dinner plans (and sanity) last night - very yummy!!

Maus said...

how young is the little one..
they are so cuteeeee......
god bless my friend i adore your 3 kids..

momto9 said...

Oh yes...some of th ebest days are ones when the list of things to be done is kept short!
Your children are adorable!

Saminda said...

Thanks everyone!

Maus - Will is almost 17 months. He is such a big boy now!!

Cathy - you are more than welcome, though of course I feel TERRIBLE that I had forgotten to drop it over when I said I would. So embarrassed, I couldn't even call you yesterday! :( I'm so so glad to hear that Laura is doing better though. :)

Off to make brekky! xo

Sandra said...

So good they love books. You sure are making inroads in your packing. It can be such a big job but you are doing great.

Kimmie said...

Boy, just the packing would have been a full day.

The book shots are so cute.

We are far away from swim days...had snow twice in the past week...just a dusting but shockingly snow in October!

Thanks for your encouraging words- I appreciate them so much.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Renata said...

Busy, but good! I think a love of books is a lasting legacy - it's great the way you encourage reading!
Well done with the packing - what a big job, but when you're all moved into your new home it will be worthwhile! Have a lovely weekend :)


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