Thursday, October 29, 2009

News from Today

* We spent the morning shopping for fruit at the market, and going to "Under 8's Day in the Park" in Queen's Park. Very fun for the kids!! Face painting, craft, school bands playing, and an awesome play by Riverside's Prep Class (well done Stu, it was so great!!!).

* Came home to have lunch and put William to bed for his nap. Except........... he didn't nap. He lay there for awhile then began to call out "Mama......... Mama?" in a happy, very awake, crystal clear voice which totally shocked me - he has never done this before! No matter what I tried, he absolutely refused to have a nap. Which means he went to bed tonight extremely tired, but I'm thankful he at least stayed awake through his dinner!! In bed by 7:30pm. I'm hoping he's back to normal tomorrow.

* While the children rested / played / did things of an educational nature ;) / I completely cleaned out our fridge ready for ......... the arrival of our new 2 door, side-by-side fridge/freezer! It's so nice!!! We couldn't fit our old fridge/freezer plus the chest freezer in our new house, so decided to upgrade and get something which would fit in perfectly. And this one will. And it's beautiful. Our old fridge/freezer, chest freezer, and numerous other items of furniture will be going (hopefully) at our garage sale this weekend, to cover some of the cost of our new, beautiful fridge!

* Saraya went to play with Chloe this afternoon. Declan came here to play with Elijah.

* I have packed 0 boxes today. :( But the day's not over yet! As I sit here and type Stuart is out working in the garage, cleaning out junk and getting things ready for the garage sale. So I'm going to get off my behind shortly and do a little packing of some stuff in our room. :)

* Cathy cooked us a delicious dinner tonight - thank you so much my dear friend!

* I have been (in those few quiet minutes!) going over my dance routines in my head a lot today. Last night dance class was so good! I am actually starting to feel confident for the end of year concert which is in 2 1/2 weeks - phew! This November has to be the biggest month of our lives!!

* I got to talk to my beautiful Mum on the phone this afternoon for a short while - I love you Mum, and am missing you so much at the moment. :( Can't wait to see you soon. xo

That's pretty much it. If you're spending time in prayer tonight, please put one up for sweet little Stellan. He could really use some prayers this week! Have a great night everyone. xo :)


AmFriend said...

Sounds like a fun day for the family. Wow, so your buyer is bringing their own fridge? YAY for the new fridge for you!! Hope that you have a very successful garage sale and make more than enough to cover the difference!!

What an exciting November it will be for you all, indeed :)!

Renata said...

Great day & the park thing sounds fantastic! Congrats to Stu for his classes performance - glad it went smoothly!
Hope your garage sale goes well! What fun!
Your new fridge sounds great - it's always fun to get a new appliance!


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