Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farewell Holidays....

Today was the last day of our holidays. :( A little sad, but thankfully filled with family togetherness which always makes me happy!

Filled with togetherness, conversation, relaxation and planning for the week ahead.

Filled with music-making.

Filled with cuddles and kisses and playtimes.

For me - filled with Proverbs and cups of tea..... then homeschool planning - books, outings, ideas, get-togethers.

The children relaxed this afternoon and watched the Sound of Music. With popcorn. ;) I love it when they request to watch this, because it's special to me. :) Stuart and I starred opposite one another as teenagers in a production of The Sound of Music back in the '90's! Such special memories. :)
Then out into the garden for some fun in the sun and the sprinkler!

Oh to be a child again............

The children had such a great time, and I got so much joy watching them!

And much much much fun was had with our friends' little Border Collie puppy Dash - ours "on loan" for 6 days while they are camping. Much to our children's delight!!

He is a sweet little guy and I'm hoping he'll stop harassing our chickens soon....... :P

Our Spring break has gone quickly but I'm glad we've had lots of time at home (mostly due to Stuart's broken toe..). This term promises to fly by too with so much going on- school stuff and family too. I've planned out our first week of homeschool and I'm excited to get back into that with the children. I'll be stepping things up a bit with Saraya this term, reaching a decision this afternoon whilst planning that I will use Will's nap time to do formal learning with her - a sacrifice in some ways yes, but a big gain in others. :) He's such a bright, active little guy that trying to do formal table work can be really difficult when he's toddling about- he just wants to be up at the table joining in too!! He's still too young to actually do anything at the table yet though (playdough, drawing etc.) so I find it tricky ........ but it's only a short season and I know things will get easier as he gets older.

Happy October / Spring (or Autumn :)) / Term 4 everyone!


sarah in the woods said...

Looks like you all had a lovely break. Naptime is a cherished learning time around here. I'm more relaxed and able to focus on the bigger two when the little ones are asleep. Hope term 4 goes well for you.

momto9 said...

looks like a nice, simple break time!! your chidldren are so adorable!

REAL ME said...

Came here through another blog. What precious kids you have. Hope you have fun planning.

Sandra said...

My lawn and I miss the sprinkler. Your kids looked very very happy with the sprinkler. I will miss the holidays too. It's good to spend time with family. Enjoy term 4!

AmFriend said...

Ah, so wish I could come visit, as it is snowing in the NW US where I live. Glad you had quality family time while on holiday.


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