Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday my darling husband!

Yesterday was Stuart's birthday - but he too had succumbed to the dreaded tummy bug and sadly felt just awful - so we are celebrating properly today!!!

Stu, you are such an amazing person. Your zest for life, your enthusiasm, creative talents, sheer awesomeness as Prep Teacher- you inspire me so much!

Thank you for always loving me, despite my many flaws. We have learnt so much together!

Thank you for being such a devoted and loving Papa to our sweet girl and our two little sons.

Thank you for walking this road of life alongside me, and for taking me on so many great adventures with you! I am so excited to get to our new little farm and begin another family adventure.

Most of all, thank you for remaining to be my best friend after so many years. :) I love you!

Happy Birthday honey!!


Sandra said...

Happy birthday to Stuart! Hope he had a wonderful day (once he was feeling better).

Renata said...

Happy Birthday to Stu! Hope you had a great day!

AmFriend said...

Oh so sorry to hear Stuart had the stomach bug on his birthday. Hope his day of celebration was a truly blessed one.


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