Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mucking around.........

............ with the camera. That's what the children and I were doing this afternoon while Stuart was loading up the trailer for the second trip to the dump today. Lots of rubbish = GONE! Oh, and lots of boxes = packed. Again. :)

The results of us playing around with the camera (Saraya took most of these)........

And my absolute favourite one..........

I am so happy with this photo, it's definitely one for framing!

Saraya and Will wanted to go with Stuart on the second dump run, but Elijah was content to stay home with me and chatter. And help with the veggies for dinner. And make little movies with my little point-and-shoot camera! After filming the backyard, and me cooking in the kitchen, he had a special request.

"I want to film you singing, Mama. Sitting in the living room, like a theatre. Can I film you Mama?" How could I say no after he has put up with a busy, phone-talking, packing-up-the-house mother all week long??!

So I said yes. And here it is. Me, singing, for the very first time on my blog. Late in the day, in the middle of dinner preparations, tired, worn out, and above all, spontaneous.


So there you have it. Please don't critique me too harshly even though I know this is the vocal debut I am choosing to show you after all these months of you pleading for a video of me singing.......

Oooo, but stay tuned because soon I'll be showing you another, much more interesting, much more professional and exciting video of me singing. Actually, not just me. There are 8 of us, and we are "Vivace Voices"!!! Coming soon!! :)


Copland said...

I was wondering if we were going to get a bit of 'O Holy Night', but Jingle Bells is still pretty cool, and probably better for Elijah to join in on.

AmFriend said...

Love it...2 months and 1 day to go and we will celebrate the Christ child's birth once again.

The Wandering Woman said...

You sing great girl!!!

momto9 said...

you have a pretty voice!
And the pictures are darling....your youngest is so fat and huggable:)

Renata said...

You have the most beautiful voice Saminda! Of course I enjoyed Elijah's part of the duet as well!
Lovely pictures that Saraya took - I really like the one of you with your boys.
One of the best things with moving is that it's a great reason to clean out!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Sandra said...

So beautiful!
And Elijah was a wonderful accompaniant. (tired can't type)
My children generally tell me to stop when I sing. ;)


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