Saturday, October 10, 2009

A little video....


Amidst the busyness of house hunting, and sleepless nights, and general craziness in our household this week, our Saraya has had her own little project happening!

Stuart bought the children a set of Learn to Draw books recently, and they love them. Saraya has spent hours this week creating tiny characters and animals which yesterday she decided to stick into a special book, just for them. :) She has grand plans for this book. I am so excited by her new interest in drawing! She most certainly doesn't get her talent from me - I'm thinking it might be from Mum, as she's an excellent artist. Hope you enjoy!

Oh and by the way, we might just be buying a house today. Aagggghhhh....!!!!!!


...they call me mommy... said...

That book sounds neat...I will have to check into it for my Annie, she also loves to draw!

WOW! The house hunting is coming along, huh?! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out! Is this the one with acreage? :)

Blessings, Saminda!

Sandra said...

What a proud little girl! Beautiful drawings! And fantastic cutting out. A very clever girl!
Best wishes for the house hunting.

AmFriend said...

Oh I could listen to you and Saraya speak all day. Love your accents. What sweet little drawings that are SO well done!! Thanks for sharing.

Renata said...

Great job Saraya!! What a lovely daughter you have there Saminda!

momto9 said...

what a neat art project and she is so proud of herself!!! I love your accent!


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