Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sickness and Good News.....

This slightly blurry, hard-to-see, happy photo of my sweet Saraya (and her handsome brother ;)) is the last one I'll be posting of her as a 6 year old. That's right, tomorrow she turns 7!!!! After a hard day for Saraya and I with a stomach bug, Stuart surprised the children tonight with glow-sticks. :) They had heaps of fun with them before bed. I'm praying Saraya and I sleep well tonight, after a shocker last night. :( I detest stomach bugs! Thankfully Stu and the boys have been well thus far, and I'm praying they stay well. I'm so glad I'm feeling better tonight - I honestly wanted to crawl out of my own skin at some point today. :(

So, if we are all well and healthy tomorrow morning we are off somewhere very very special - more details tomorrow night! :) If not, it will be a quiet day at home with presents and cake. Which will still be nice. :)

One last very exciting piece of news................ a couple of hours before I started to become ill yesterday evening, I received a letter in the mail to say that the contract on our house is now UNCONDITIONAL!!! Woohoo!!!! So, we are absolutely out of here in about 21 more days. Wow. SO much to do, but at least we know it is happening! The contract on our new place is still conditional but all should be well with that one - I'm just so glad the new buyers of the "House of Dreams" were happy to take it with all it's older home quirks which surely showed up in the building inspection!

Happy weekend everyone. :)


Heather said...

Congrats on the house! That's wonderful news :)

I'm so sorry about the tummy bug. I hate them too. Nausea and vomiting is the worse kind of misery! Hope you feel better soon.

jazzy cat said...

That sounds a shocking stomach bug!! A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Saraya of 7 yrs!!! (and Happy Birthday for tomorrow to your old man fern aka: Stu ;-)

Hope all goes well with the move, can't wait to see what this new House of Dreams looks like!!

Sandra said...

Happy birthday to Saraya and hope you are all feeling better today.
Congrats on the house! Full steam ahead!

Renata said...

So pleased the house has gone unconditional - IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!!!

I can only imagine how busy you are, so hope this illness is short lived & no one else gets it.


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