Saturday, October 10, 2009

An day of exhaustion.... and an offer......

So. We have done the rounds today - all over town - going through houses and thinking and talking and praying and going slightly crazy with all the options!

The house we were feeling pretty sure about we felt not so sure about when we went back this morning, which surprised us and confused us. :o

I feel strongly that God has taken us on a huge journey these past few days. He has revealed lots to me about our family, my husband, myself and maybe even His plan for us. Too complex to explain now, but suffice to say that today he has led us into the countryside. Not me into the countryside, but us. Which is amazing. And wonderful. And oh so exciting for a girl like me who has always desired to live in the countryside.

So after a day of deliberating we went to look through a gorgeous home this afternoon, and it's everything we could have ever dreamed of. We would never, ever need to move again which really appeals to us. Details to come!

We have made an offer and are waiting to hear back. And praying hard!! Please Lord!! I'll keep you posted...........


Ann said...

Oh wow! Saminda,
I am so excited for you! Looking forward to hearing whether your offer is accepted and you become a country family! I love being in the country but only 10 minutes from town. I was going to let you know what influenced us when we bought apart from emotion, particularly from a homeschool family perspective. These were 1. A natural peaceful environment to stimulate learning 2. Not being overlooked by neighbours, when we rented in town I hated the fact that our neighbours could see into our backyard. This is not an issue here but neither are we isolated. 3. The natural light inside the main living areas of the house were we did our homeschooling was very appealing. We decided against one home, for it was just too dark inside.
Of course we took into account the important stuff such as building and pest reports and the old golden rule for buying real estate of location, location, location - we found out what properties sold for on our road - which is big bucks. We overlooked things that were easy to fix such as decor, rubbish and weed removal - this put lots of buyers off. The fact our home had a fairly new kitchen was also an attraction as kitchens are so expensive to install. The other thing that attracted me was the easy access to the highway. We had looked at some northern suburbs and it was a nightmare trying to turn right onto the Pacific highway - still is but we now have a new section of highway which made our journey to the city even shorter and bumped up all the house prices in this vicinity.
I hope this helps but I know you also have that extra special help and guidance from our wonderful God who I truly believe has a very special place to call home for those He loves. Or are you buying land? That has just occurred to me and this is something which is quite Biblical - the practice of setting out your gardens first before building your home but right now I cannot remember the Scripture reference! Whatever you have decided to do I hope you will soon be singing 'Country Roads take me Home!'

Chocolate Vegetables said...

Praying for you to trust God's plans for you for He does tend to know best.

Jen in NSW

...they call me mommy... said...

Oh man! Will keep praying! :)


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