Saturday, September 12, 2009

The 80's Night!!

So the 80's party celebrating the birthday of our friend and dance teacher Desiree was tonight!! Poor Stu spent most of the night with his foot up on a chair- he is always so exhausted by the weekends and certainly wasn't his usual party self, but I did bring him food and drink as requested. :)
I've been op shopping a couple of times this week collecting a few bits and it was FUN this afternoon transforming ourselves. :) We didn't go too way out (hair definitely could have been bigger, but I did put some orange spray into it for fun, and painted my nails bright green!), just enough to get the look! Hope you enjoy these. :)

Our children as always at parties had a blast of a time!!! Balloons, people to talk to, music to dance to, food to eat - all right up their alley. :)

Happy Birthday sweet Desiree!!!


Theresa said...

WOW! You both look amazing. I can picture the two of you dancing to "Better Shape Up" or "You are the One that I Want" from the muscial Grease.

Stu looks like Danny and could certainly be the leader of the T-Birds with that black leather jacket!

Hope you had a blast!

Helen said...

Sorry Min - but I just find myself fancying you. You are soooo hot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sigh.

jazzy cat said...

Too true Helen - bit of a grrr, foxy lady look going on there! The 80's look becometh you ;-)

Heather said...

I love your 80s looks!

I have a collection of 80s videos on DVD, and my husband and I love to watch them, just so we can crack up at the clothes and hair.

I feel bad for Stu. I hope his toe heals up soon :(

Sandra said...

Sounds like fun and you all looked great!

Renata said...

Great costumes!! You did a fantastic job - those earrings are straight out of the 80's!!!
Glad you could all have a fun time!

AmFriend said...

Saminda - You are truly beautiful, inside and out. No matter which decade you represent with your dress, the light of the Lord shines through and within you. I delight in sharing in your life.


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