Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 6 - Waiting

Okay, I'm getting a little tired of my headings simply stating which day of the holidays we are up to so I added an extra word. ;) Gotta continue what I started though, right?!

So, today is a day of waiting. Trusting. Hoping. Letting go.

This morning we made an offer on the house, lower than the asking price. This is commonly done of course, and so is the knocking back part. Yes, she knocked it back and we have decided not to give her a counter-offer, yet. We have a figure in mind which would put us in (hopefully) a good position to list ours at a reasonable price and get us all resettled as quickly as possible. BUT. We don't know if the owner will stubbornly stick to her asking price - her prerogative - or perhaps reconsider on our offer. We may go up a little higher than we offered this morning, but after some financial blows these past couple of years we just want to be really careful and good stewards of the money God blesses us with. SO. We are waiting, trusting, hoping and letting go.

Why do I choose to lean on God, hand it over to him and trust the outcome is the best thing for us, whatever happens?

Because "I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord; "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11.

What a promise!!! So although we can see ourselves there, I can virtually smell the gum trees and picture myself sitting have a cup of tea with a friend on that verandah, the children running around on the lawn, going down to the front of the block to show their little friends the hollow tree, kangaroos in the neighbouring bush at dusk, flocks of galahs overhead................. Okay, it sounds so superb, but although I want it for our family I don't know the bigger picture of our lives, I don't know the full details of the home, I don't know what God's plans for us over the next 12 months might be. I don't know. And He does. So, I trust Him.

And we'll be patient and we'll wait. :) *Sigh*. Not always easy. ;) But possible.


Cathy said...

Yes, ALL things ARE possible!

So encouraged by your testimony... big hugs to you...I won't cease to pray about your heart's desire and the wisdom that only comes from seeking God and the Peace that comes from laying your dreams and plans at His feet!

Sandra said...

All the best with your waiting. And all your plans.
Exciting times ahead!

Karen said...

That's how I feel about some issues in our life right now...I don't know what God's plans are...praying for grace & peace for you as you wait.


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