Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 4

Well today has been very hot and windy and felt more like summer than spring. I think we're all a little concerned that this year's summer could be pretty hard to bare. Every year seems to get hotter! We may even consider air-conditioning the bedrooms this year.

We had a lovely morning visiting friends on their new property. They have lots of beautiful bushland, some paddocks being fenced at the moment for goats (other animals to be added later!) and a nice clearing where they are building their dream home. Right now they're living in a very well set up shed and it's all looking amazing. They are doing the vast majority of the work themselves. With 3 little children I am so impressed and so happy for them! After a huge walk exploring the land Stuart took our kids home for lunch and rests and Petrina and I headed to town to have lunch and coffee and a girly chat. :) SO nice! To have uninterrupted conversation with a friend is a rare treat when you have children, isn't it?!

This afternoon we spoke to our real estate agent by phone and arranged a visit for tomorrow afternoon. He'll be having a look at our home and giving us an idea of how much he realistically thinks we could sell for. Then we'll know whether or not to make a move on the other house. It's a process of being patient and trusting that whatever God decides for us is best. I know that will be a challenge at times but it's already been so good to journey this with the children.

With our agent coming tomorrow this afternoon became a little manic. :) Stu needed to go to town for a couple of hours so the children and I worked hard in the yard and back patio area, cleaning and tidying, weeding and making things look neat. After tea tonight I scrubbed the kitchen walls, the ceiling area over the stove, the windows in the kitchen and the whole oven area. Yuck! :( All done though, and looking much better! Tonight I'll be sorting my Messy Bench. Yes, I give it capitals because it is a resident member of the family. It's been with us consistently since we've lived here. How I'd love to NOT have a resident Messy Bench in our next home though!! I wonder what the chances are.......

Tomorrow morning I'll be cleaning the rest of the house. Bathroom, floors, mopping, dusting. Maybe baking something so the house smells good. :) I know it's not an actual inspection but I really want the agent's first impression of our home to be "Wow, this is beautiful!". Would you pray for this process alongside me, please friends? I'd be so grateful!

In other news, the children have been having a blast creating with all the Toy Library resources I picked up for them last Saturday. I love our Toy Library!

They're also relishing having their Papa home every day this week! It is such a blessing to be together and it's at these times that I'm so thankful Stuart is a teacher. :) Thank you Lord!!

Now off to tackle that mess............


...they call me mommy... said...

I will pray! A toy library sounds so neat!

Have a wonderful day, Saminda! :)

Renata said...

Will pray as well. Sound like you've got the house done up nicely! I always hated selling houses - so stressful. Hope yours isn't that way.


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