Friday, September 25, 2009

A Quote to Share

A new post title. :) Done with the "Day" titles.........

No news on the house. :(

A lovely morning at our singing group rehearsal - we are working on Christmas music which makes me very very happy!! :) Saraya had a sleep-over at her friend's house last night ( I popped over at 8pm to kiss her goodnight and she was having a great time ;)) and is still there now. Due home soon. As are my parents, who are coming up to visit us!

I was doing some reading earlier and came across this wonderful quote from Charlotte Mason, one of my favourite authors on homeschooling. Loved it so much I thought I would share it. I couldn't agree more with this quote, and find it so relevant to the smooth running of our house.

Have a great day friends!

"Do not let the children pass a day without distinct efforts, intellectual, moral, volitional; let them brace themselves to understand; let them compel themselves to do and to bear; and let them do right at the sacrifice of ease and pleasure: and this for many higher reasons, but, in the first and lowest place, that the mere physical organ of mind and will may grow vigorous with work. . . Just as important is it that the brain should have due rest; that is, should rest and work alternately." -Charlotte Mason (Home Education, p.22)

Photo: Taken last September 2008, at the Sunshine Coast.


Sandra said...

Have fun with your visitors.
Yes, Colin has a newish DVD out called Super Saviour. It also comes with a devotional book.

...they call me mommy... said...

Great quote and such a cute picture! :)

amy said...

So very true! The wisdom of Charlotte Mason. Thank you for visiting my blog, you have such a lovely family. I know all will go well in your housing's as I have to keep reminding myself...we will end up in the place God has for us, and of course, why would I want anything else?

I will be praying that all goes quickly and smoothly for you.

Enjoy your guests!


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