Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 1, Day 2

Day 1

Stu slept in. The kids and I relaxed in our pj's for a long time. :)
I took Will out to run a few errands. Toy Library - check. Buy chicken feed - check. Get a coffee at Between the Buns on the way down Bazaar Street - check. ;) Yes, I think I may be addicted!

I spent some time at home cooking, washing, dinner prep etc. then headed out in the afternoon for a few hours of relaxation. Ahhhhh. :) Stu kept the children at home and I went with a friend to a Stampin' Up party, and purchased a few bits and pieces to get me started in my new passion of card making! I can't wait for my order to arrive so I can start creating!

Nachos for tea, tucked the little ones in, then watched a program on SBS with Stuart last night. And talked and talked and stayed up too late, and it's feeling like holidays. Yay!

Day 2

Well I'm not feeling so good today, just feeling a bit achy and very tired so I'm taking it pretty easy so far. :) The children have only just got dressed and it's already 10:30.....

I don't know what our plans are - maybe 'more of the above'? I have written a list of what I would like to get done these holidays so will chat with Stu later about how we might fit it all in. :) I love plans and lists! So exciting!! One of the things is getting our children's books/toys/learning materials all sorted and presented more nicely, and Stu and the kids spontaneously started a big clean up of that already this morning which made me smile. :) He must have 'read my mind'......

I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts and cards and we're also beginning to talk more seriously about our dreams of getting a puppy dog soon - lots to look forward to in the coming months!

Hope you're having a relaxed and happy Sunday!


Helen said...

All sounds very nice and relaxed Min. Hope you are feeling better?! By the way, a very important question to ask yourself when it comes to "are we ready for a puppy?" - try - "do we really want/need the bottom of our couch/" heh heh. You have to love them though - just so adorable and so much fun! Talk soon, love ya.

Sandra said...

Happy holidays to you!
I do like Stuart's pirate costume by the way! And as always, I like how you enjoy your weekend.

...they call me mommy... said...

Sounds like you having a lot of fun in the midst of each day! WONDERFUL!

Oh, I finally got Pocketful of Pinecones via the library! I LOVE IT! Thank you sooooooooo much for the recommendation! I am excited to do a bit more nature journaling with the kids!

Blessings from the valley!

Helen said...

Oh Min - you talk so tough! But I betcha - seriously - your puppy will be inside in no time! Sitting on your lap while you read, at your feet while having a cuppa, chewing on all the computer cords while Stu is working, turning the kids craft table upside down, chasing (imaginary) cats through the house, - oh the joys you are all in for!!!

Christy Walsh said...

Hi Saminda!! Hope you enjoy your new hobby - I started card making earlier this year and am ADDICTED! It's so much fun and such a great hobby with little children cos you can take a snippet of time to create a masterpiece...or longer to create many :) HOpe you have heaps of fun and can't wait to see some creations!!

jazzy cat said...

SNAP Min! I went to a friend's Stampin Up party and walked out a convert. So beautiful all their things, but can I offer a naughty tip....check out ebay for stamps etc at alot cheaper prices! Have been going crazy myself with making cards this past week - you make one and you're inspired/hooked! Stamp it up!


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