Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pictures From Our Day

Saraya discovering our Children's Illustrated Dictionary = FUN!!!

Hmmm, we must have forgotten to collect the eggs yesterday because when Saraya went out this morning I heard a squeal then she appeared with no less than 9 eggs gathered in her jumper!!!
During a visit this morning from two friends and their little ones, there were 3 hard workers at this Miffy puzzle (thanks Sue!), and they were successful!

One of our wee visitors was baby Laura. How we love this tiny girl!!

Before settling a tired-out William for his nap, he and I had some fun mucking around with the camera.........

The usual Wednesday-afternoon crafting session, anticipating the arrival of one of my children's favourite people in all the world - our beloved Wednesday babysitter, Sally. :)

Today was more stenciling, some drawing, and this:

Saraya was reading through my tiny "Flower Fairies of the Garden" series of books (from my childhood) and decided to hand copy a poem for Sally. She has never done this before, but it made this Mama very happy!! It's a little lacking in punctuation, but I know that will come. :) I was really proud of her effort.

And one of our weekly highlights - Sally's arrival!!! Playtime with Sally for them = the escape to Dance Class for me. :) She is such a blessing to us........ and looking at this photo really looks like she belongs in our family, don't you think?!

Happy Days!!


...they call me mommy... said...

What a fun day! :-) And what a great idea to get a sitter in the afternoon so you can get away for a bit! :)

Heather said...

A wonderful babysitter is one of God's greatest blessings, in my opinion!

Little William is such a sweet snugglebug :)

Sandra said...

Wonderful! Great writing from Saraya. Cute William. Have fun dancing!

AmFriend said...

Sally could pass for your sister, easily.


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