Monday, September 14, 2009

Better late than never.....

Somehow I skipped blogging on Father's Day (maybe we were having too much fun? ;)) so I thought I'd better put up these photos before September passes by!

The children were busy all week making various paintings and drawings and paper craft gifts for Stuart - it took ages for them to present them all and explain them (eg. Elijah made Stu a little fringed "hula skirt" out of paper, complete with an orange crepe paper waste band - now that needed a little explaining!) while I made pancakes for breakfast.

We relaxed in our jarmies for most of the morning....... and also presented Stuart with this book, an absolute treasure of a find in a tiny bookstore in town:

"My Papa is a Pirate"!! Seriously, this picture book was written for and about Stuart!!! There's no doubt! :) It's an excellent book. So multiple readings of that followed, then I chauffeured him and the kids to Hervey Bay where we had an ice-cream and Stu lay on a park-bench relaxing while the kids played in the playground- and I dashed between chatting to him and chasing Will / pushing Eli on the swing / helping Saraya down from the very high climbing cubes, etc. etc.!! All in all a great family day. We all love you so much Stu! Thank you for being such a devoted Papa to our little ones. :)


Heather said...

Happy Father's Day Stu!

Renata said...

Looks like a fun fathers day!
Do you know I completely forgot fathers day this year until it was on funniest home videos the night before - thankfully Dave worked, so I asked if we could do father's day on the monday he had off (phew)! That book looks excellent!

Helen said...

Oh Min - I bet you were stoked when you found that book. How totally perfect.

Sandra said...

Way to go! That pirate book looks good. Happy father's day to Stu. It's good to know there are lots of good dads out there.


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