Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things to Share

* It rained this morning. We almost didn't know what was happening - we haven't had any decent rain since........... well, June I guess. Beautiful!

* I stayed up really really late last night trying to watch the "So you think you can dance" Grand Final - and still only saw half of it. It finished at 1:40am!!! Very tired today, but happy it's the weekend.

* I am offically addicted to exercising. No I'm not kidding- I am absolutely serious!!! Contemporary dancing has given me a new level of confidence I've never had before, and the warm-up / stretching / muscle-toning / flexibility /getting fitter and stronger is feeling so awesome that I'm absolutely hooked!! Finding little snippets of time wherever I can to speed up the process of finally (after many years) reaching some of my fitness goals!

* Stuart is still uncomfortable...... pretty down in the dumps too, just with work stresses and exhaustion / pain mostly. Poor guy! We're doing our best to cheer him up and support him, and of course tomorrow he's in for some special treatment being Father's Day. :)

* William is TALKING!!! He is saying so many new words I can hardly keep up - still lots of baby babble, but this week alone he has added such words as paper, cat, book, tea, Grandpa and ba-ba (baby) to his repetoire! It's good- the more words he has ,the less frustrated he'll be that we can't understand him. My big bouncy 15-month-old baby boy!

* We have had several "Little Corellas" visiting our garden this week- not exactly a rare bird but not common either, and the most beautiful bird-call.

* Saraya has been doing some great craft and writing this week. I love seeing what she chooses to do in her free time!

A note for our babysitter Sally

A handmade paper bag!! Very useful and the first of a series of different designs she's tried.

A birthday note for some friends who turned 7 this week - and Saraya's not far behind them!!

* We have still been heavily interested in Insects and Spiders in our home this week (and have borrowed some wonderful resources from the library to support our investigations) and have also been learning about our amazing skeletons. Thanks so much Jane for the loan of this little guy- he's been a big help!! A few simple resources, lots of discussion and taking our time and so much has been learnt.

* I am thinking lots about theatre at the moment. It's constantly running through me. I sometimes get a bit tetchy that I don't have the sort of time I would like to have for pursuing this passion of mine....... Just trying to be thankful for my Wednesday dance class and using my evening times for watching dvd's or youtube clips/ stretching/ singing (quietly) / practicing dance steps in the living room to keep me going!! And trying to stay focused on my everyday job. :) Stuart and I are actually thinking about taking a weekend away later in the year to fly to Sydney and see a show!!!! I could go crazy just thinking about that - must be patient.........!! I can hardly imagine that it's possible but we are pursuing the notion with determination. :)

* Tomorrow is Sunday and I am looking forward to pampering my husband, phoning my Dad and hopefully spending some time relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. Hope all the Fathers have a great day tomorrow. And the Mothers too. :)

* I have an 80's party to go to next weekend - any suggestions for costume ideas????


jazzy cat said...

You know I love dress up's, sorry Themed parties, hence I had to quickly share a few 80's suggestions:
- leggings (hot pink)
- ruffle skirt
- puffy socks
- horizontal striped tops
- shoulder pads
- lots of sparkles
- hypercolour t-shirts
- frizzed hair or crimped hair
- copy a famous rock band of the 80's? or a movie??

anyway....enjoy your many projects that you have on the go, or are considering :-)

Theresa said...

All I remember from the 80's is:
1) The bigger and teased the hair the better (only need to look at Oprah for that one, girlfriend)
2) Knitted Leg warmers
3) Black skinny jeans
and 4) would have to be the fluro coloured T-shirts

By the way Saminda my T-shirt was fluro yellow and I wore that with my black jeans and pale pink leg warmers and sneakers... and don't say I know "I was a fashion victim but tried my damm hardest to keep up with the cool kids!"

Sadly, no photos, just a scarred memory.

AmFriend said...

Oh, I was thinking leg warmers over leggings, under a short skirt, with some sort of sparkly shirt with a knot in the side and big FAB hair :) for the party.

Love Saraya's crafts and so glad you are getting to feed your soul with exercise, dance, and theatre. Hoping God blesses with the free time you need to continue growing spiritually and creatively.

Renata said...

Big hair - definitely!
Sounds like you're going well - I completely understand the frustration at the lack of time.
Saraya is very creative - great bag!
Studying the skeleton sounds like a lot of fun!!!
What curriculum are you using for your subjects? A set one or different ones?


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