Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ups and Downs

It never ceases to amaze me how motherhood is full of so many ups and downs. One minute you've got rosy children quietly reading books on their laps, classical music playing, and you're thinking how sunny life is. The next minute your toddler has fiddled and possibly broken the cd player, the music has stopped, the phone is ringing and the other kids are running through the house making more noise than you thought imaginable from two small children!!!! You reach for the panadol.....

I was going to do a post last night on my ups and downs of yesterday, but was too tired - probably from the downs we experienced..... :) But this morning didn't fail to provide me with more ups and downs to share and I'm grabbing a quiet half hour to do so while the children rest.

My biggest down this morning most definitely happened whilst in the library. Are you ready for a ripper of a story?? Here goes. We had done our market shopping, swapped veggies for books at the car and headed on down to the library. One of those lovely "isn't motherhood grand?" moments occurred as I plucked books from the shelves and watched Saraya and Elijah happily sitting and reading together (cue angels singing......) when suddenly, William appeared from behind the DVD racks, walking toward me and telling me a big babbly story about something. I looked up and to my horror he was holding his nappy. His nappy? Surely his nappy was on his bottom? No, it was in his hand. And it was full of poo. It had come off, from inside his overalls and down his leg. Apparently it had happened over at the DVD rack and he had carried it all the way over to me. There was poo on his hands. Poo down his legs. Poo through his sandals. Poo all through his overalls. And yes. Lovely blobs of smelly poo on the library carpet (cue dramatic frantic mummy music.....).

Well the next few minutes were a blur as I grabbed the wipes, gave Saraya the job of restraining William (to her dismay) and quickly wiped up the blobs of poo off the carpet before anyone noticed what had happened. Thankfully the poo came up easily, but the job of wiping up a very horrid William while he wriggled and fussed and drew more attention to us than I wanted..... let's just say it wasn't a good moment!!!! Half a packet of wipes later and the smell was dissipating, Will was clean and walking around barefoot in nothing but a t-shirt and nappy, and boy was I ready to leave the library! We checked out some books and leave we did.

Bring on the highest point of my morning!!! (I mean comparatively speaking, anything would have been great after that experience..) I took the children to lunch at our favourite local cafe, Between the Buns. These guys have wonderfully healthy, yummy, affordable lunch options, delicious smoothies and the best organic locally grown coffee around!! And very very genuine service to boot.
The coffee tasted especially good today. :)

And my chicken, spinach, sundried tomato and bocconcini toasted panini was sensational!
The children had their usual chicken, cheese and avocado toasted panini and a banana/mango smoothie to share - yum! The waitress actually put it into individual cups for them.

Lunch out improved everyone's mood and we came home happy. :) William went straight in a lavender bath, then to bed, and the older children and I read a few stories before their quiet time. But they're up again now so I'd better go.

Life with little ones sure is full of surprises, isn't it?! You can plan your day but never really know how things will pan out. :) Just got to enjoy those peaceful moments when they happen as they're hard to plan in. I've really learnt over the years to seize opportunities for rest and recovery or a quiet cup of tea when they present themselves, because you never know how long they will last. ;)
Stuart is away tonight at the Wakakirri finals, supporting Riverside, but thankfully I don't have to cook tea as we have some of the pizzas I made yesterday leftover. Hooray for leftovers!! And hooray for motherhood. You just have to laugh, or you'll cry. :)


momto9 said...

Ain't that the truth!!! so funny bout the diaper:) though I'm sure it was far from funy in the heat of the moment!!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I have a funny story involving poos on the floor from a few years back.
My friend's little girl did poos on my dining room floor. She was supposedly toilet trained. My friend was mortified but we laughed about it and cleaned her and the mess up. The smell was horrendous and I brought out the air freshener and without thinking liberally sprayed it around. Next morning my son came running in to our room, rather upset 'Mum all my fish are dead'. I have never used an aerosol air freshener since and I never told my friend!
I think these embarrassing incidents can happen to every mum - I've had my fair share- wees at the checkout and the classic when my daughter who was not even 2 at the time stole a Barney dinosaur soft toy from a store. I never noticed until we had left the store and walked some distance up the street. I glanced down at the stroller and there she was clutching Barney. I sneaked it back it into the store and returned it to the shelf and promptly left!

Helen said...

Heh heh - revenge is sweet eh William!! All those times Mamma wouldn't let you play in dirty bowls of water and eat worms etc. Well that'll show her!!!
P.S No Min - I am not laughing at you!!!! snigger snigger

Saminda said...

Now Helen, that is an impossible revenge - he plays in bowls of dirty water, sand, dirt ........... possibly worms, etc. every single day!!!!

Renata said...

Oh Saminda - you poor thing (but made me laugh - thanks!) Jud had a poo incident on Tuesday, but thankfully it was on the grass - he did have to go home with Dave in just a nappy & shirt however while I took the others to Woolies! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Hope you have a nice Friday as well:)

Karen said...

and the tea is so calming...some days I drink half a dozen cups!

...they call me mommy... said... I understand poop horrors! GOD BLESS YOU! :) I so understand and identify with this post...and your lunch sounds YUMMY! :)

Heather said...

Oh no! I feel so bad about the diaper incident. I've been there myself, and it's not fun. At least William didn't color in any library books. Cakes has done this twice in the last month, despite my many lectures. Last time she came up to me proudly and said, "Look Mommy! I write my name!"

And so she did. In big orange scribbles all over the endflap. I was mortified!

Sandra said...

Super pooper story!
I am so glad to have left the nappy stage behind! You just have to roll with the punches. You're children do look quite angelic but they can't pull it off 100% of the time.

~Amanda said...

Oh! I can just imagine a darling little boy proudly bringing you his soiled nappy! It's obvious he thought it was the right thing to do! LOL Big hugs to you! I've been there too...and may be again as I've still got one in nappies and another on the way! You are right that if you don't laugh, you cry. Motherhood is full of these trying times, but seriously, you wouldn't change it for the world right? Glad your lunch was a mood-booster. Nothing like a great cuppa, good healthy food and wonderful service!


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