Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes, No....

Yes, we are having a great week so far! We spent yesterday looking at another house, grocery shopping, cleaning (well I did ;)) and just spending time together.

No, there is no real news on the whole moving thing as yet. Still praying and watching and waiting and wondering. :)

Yes, we're going to look at another house today. This one is different to the last two we've seen and actually we're both pretty excited to go take a look! Lovely back deck and pretty gardens.

No, we're not actually definitely sure we want to move. :) Especially with our neat and clean fence now- what a lovely time spent with family and a great job to achieve. Kind-of makes me want to stay...... :)

Yes, I'm being patient with the waiting process. As is Stu, and the children.

No, I'm not looking forward to this week being over. :( Stuart will be spending time out at work this week and is back next Monday. *Sigh*

Yes, we still have another 6 days to go!! So, I will enjoy every minute of those.

Hope you're having a good week too!

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Renata said...

I´ve been wondering how your house plans were going (as in if you were planing on moving - it´s late, i´m tired). I´m sure I´ll read in further posts, but glad you are going well anyway. It´s so important to have patience in these situations (one of the things I pray for constantly).


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