Friday, May 21, 2010

A Few Encouraging Links

"Clearly there is an appropriate kind of sheltering.
When those who are opposed to homeschooling accuse me of sheltering my children,
my response is always "What are you going to accuse me of next?
Feeding and clothing them?"
R.C. Sproul

Fantastic post put up by Rebecca. The above quote is included. If you have been wondering about this issue, particularly from a Christian perspective, do yourself a favour and go and read Rebecca's wise words. She is a seasoned mother with 5 girls ages 2 to 13 - she knows her stuff!!! I found it very encouraging.

I also wanted to share the link to Ann's blog. If you have never visited 'Holy Experience', you must!! :D Ann's writing is wonderful. Just allow a bit of time, have a cup of tea beside you, because you won't want to leave her world once you enter into it!

This post on how to make homeschooling consistent, contagious, about curiousity, and a continuum of your real life, was very helpful to me this week.

I hope everyone's having a lovely Friday. We are fortunate here, it's a public holiday for the local show! Only we're not going to the show, so we've just had an extra weekend day together. I've been reading, tidying, washing and working on Will's birthday present. Photos to come!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Thanks Saminda for the link to Rebecca's blog. I love blogs that encourage me and her photos are beautiful! I signed up to follow on the spot!

sarah in the woods said...

Thank you for this encouraging post!


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