Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet, Slumbering Sunday....

It's been one of those super-restful Sundays today. We woke early, but lay in bed for ages. 3 little ones and 2 kittens joined us too of course. :D

I have read a good many chapters from Liz Curtis Higgs' new novel, Here Burns My Candle, which is in the exciting stage! It's a bit hard to put down. It's cold, so we've been snuggling with blankets. I admit I've been in my pyjama pants all day. I was planning on doing some gardening, but then I'd have to get fully dressed! So the gardening will wait until tomorrow.

The kittens have been cuddled and cuddled and have been alternating their sleep times and play times, just like any babies. :) They are using their kitty litter and were quiet all night last night for which I'm thankful! I think having two means they won't feel lonely. They slept all cuddled up together last night, limbs draping limbs.... very cute.

Stuart has made a scratching post for them from some bits of wood he had in the shed, and an old rug which he cut up. We've just given it to them, and they seem to like it. He's also been working on school stuff today, and a bit of mowing. And now he's taken all 3 children to netball practice....... they love to play around on the spare courts; sometimes other kids go along, and it gives me an hour or so all to myself! Which is very welcome right before we resume another working week.

As I said, I've been reading. :) I've also been praying, and listening. And I've planned our week ahead. Just need to add a craft project or two for some fun for the children. I also baked with Saraya this morning. We worked side by side, on our own projects. She made chocolate brownies and washed all the dishes, and I made muffins and dried the dishes. As she says herself, "I'm so into cooking at the moment!". Yep, she is. She's been helping me chop veggies at dinner time, kneading bread dough, just whatever I'm working on she's by my side. At this rate she'll be a highly skilled cook by the age of 10!!

Mess has been getting to me lately. You know those piles of stuff that just accumulate around the house? My kitchen needed cleaning / sorting this morning. I spent an hour or so doing that and I feel so much better. I can see my bench tops again, every bit of them! I've moved some things around as I always find change refreshing. I spend so much time in the kitchen, I want it clean and tidy so I'm going to try to keep on top of the clutter.

And that's been our Sunday. Slumbering...... well, resting anyhow. :) And definitely sweet. These days of just being home together, getting a little done but having time to sit and be and plan and rest..... they are my favourites, hands down. :)


Vic said...

Your day sounds a lot like ours! Lovely! xx

~Amanda in Vic said...

Sounds like a lovely day. And it's just so refreshing to get rid of the clutter! That's on the adgenda at my home this week. ;)

Heather said...

I adore baby kitties so much. They can be a bit annoying with their high-pitched mewing, but to me, there is just nothing more adorable (except for baby puppies, and well..any babies, really).

Mess has been bugging me lately too, and like you, it especially bothers me if it's in the kitchen. While my husband is resting after his surgery, I've just been concentrating on meals, and keeping the kitchen clean. Necessary for my sanity!

Have a lovely week Saminda!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

My weekend was cleaning, cooking and de-cluttering too - my super full cupboards and bench tops were getting to me so it was time for a sort out. No time for slumbering though, as we had visitors on Sunday for lunch and when they were here more people turned up, so made lots of cups of tea and coffee and introductions! Which is why I have lots of cups, numerous serving platters and 2 coffee plungers but not enough cupboards to hold them all! Saraya is going to be such a blessing to you Saminda! When visitors descend on our home I do not panic because I have my family there to help. My girls had made lots of slices, helped clean the house and of course they all greeted the family and gave them the tour of the house(thank goodness I had cleaned on Saturday!)and our acres and talked and talked and played Balderdash. You now know what to expect should you ever come and visit us!

Saminda said...

Sounds wonderful Ann!! :) It has crossed my mind how much a blessing she will be. She already is actually. She's always had oodles of energy, now it's getting directed into helpfulness I just love having her around all the time! :) xo


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